What makes us Happy?

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What makes us Happy?

Throughout our life we keep searching for happiness but all in vain. What is the real 'mantra' to be happy? Living in society, we try to follow all that is under the corundum of the society, so much so that we even forget to live for ourselves. And there lies the true solution to be happy. What we actually miss is the real self of our own which is very sweet and simple one and needs nothing just to follow the lifestyle of Gandhiji: ‘simple living high thinking’.

It is very difficult to live in this complicated world of today where every moment we come across updates on facebook or mobile phones. We live in a mess of cyber network; we are not living as humans but as breathing machines, with fingers on the keyboard and mind always planning for material prosperity, bank balance, and insurance policies and so on. Another blunder committed by us is against our progeny; we plan their moves and future as we wish them to be and force them to be what we want them to be without ever considering their feeling, emotions and physical needs and psychological urges.

The solution for being happy lies in being oneself, just oneself without any constraint from the external forces.

We need time for our ‘being’. We need to feel our existence that is the final truth on this earth. We have to learn to smile; the real one; that comes from inside. We have to learn to accept our mistakes and feel sorry. We have to learn to feel that the other human beings under our supervision are also having self-respect which has to be kept intact for their family members who love and respect them.

A very important aspect of life is ‘we are destined to die and that moment can approach anytime’ but it does not mean that we can do anything just because we will die any moment. It does not give us freedom to do any harm to other person’s rights. Our duties are others rights so we have to follow the motto ’live and let live’.

Let us give some time for our imagination, daydreaming and thinking. These may sound foolish but they help a lot in recovering our integrity. We need to compose our whole being which gets shattered by the fall of the night. Let us have some time and some space for ourselves. Let us learn to live in peace.

Let our Sundays be meaningless holidays in terms of monetary profits. Limited phone calls, no T.V., no over work in the kitchen, simple food with the help of family members, just free souls enjoying life. Relax and feel happy. No quarrels, no discussions, no judgments, nothing just living. Don’t plan to get out watching a  movie in the theater. It is the worst thing we do. We move out get dumped in traffic and pollution and come back tired and helpless. Be rational beings. It is time to think like philosophers.

Where does the happiness lie?

It is within us than what is the logic of rushing here and there looking for it?

Just because we have a car/ bike, a wallet, a cell phone, and some friend always ready to move out with us. It sounds funny. Really. Is there any logic, throwing parties to feel happy? Why not go to an orphanage to feel happy with the children, to a park to sit by nature, to an old age house to cherish the jewels from the experience of the grand old people, to plant a flower in the garden or even in a small pot, to play with the children in the street, to see the photo albums. There are many things that we can do to feel happy.

Just try to live with positive thinking and see how your face smiles on its own.
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