7 Ways To Improve Presence Of Mind

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7 Ways To Improve Presence Of Mind

Do you have a presence of mind? Is it a theory of the mind? Do we need any mindfulness exercises to attain the presence of mind? These are the common questions that pop into your head when you hear the word “Presence of mind” for the first time. On the surface, this term has a lot to with concentration, patience, and focus.

The presence of mind is nothing but the ability to take the right decision at the right time, and this has a lot to do with your concentration power.

Few tips to help you increase your concentration


It is often noted that we tend do work more efficiently under pressure. The strict deadlines make your brain work faster. You are more focused and do not get diverted with the outside noises and commotion. You are totally in the moment, not sulking in the past or wandering in the future.

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Practicing yoga or meditation on a regular basis helps to keep your mind and body relaxed and calm. The calm mind works like a filter and helps you filter the good and bad thoughts. Just like they say, inhale the good vibes and exhale the bad ones.

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Speaking your heart out is definitely important but so is listening to other people. Communication might help you share your thoughts, but listening helps you learn about new things. We often miss out on the valuable information because we either are more interested in talking or because we become really defensive and start judging people. Hold your calm and listen to what others have to offer you.

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Emotions are inbuilt and cannot be suddenly erased off your heart and soul. As humans, it is natural to be emotional about things that are close to our heart, but keeping a check on them is a must. In situations like blocked lifts, road traffics or any other crisis, we need to hold our calm because panicking only worsens the situation. Only when the mind is calm, it can think of feasible solutions like pressing the emergency bell or looking for an alternative route to avoid the traffic.

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Multitasking is not everybody’s cup of tea, especially if you are a guy. You might have a lot on your plate, but it is advisable to go step by step. Pick one task complete it and then move to the next one. This gives you the satisfaction of completing a task and also motivates you to move on to the next one. A sorted mind helps in better decision making because it focuses all your concentration on one task at a given time.

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Observation is easier said than done. A keen observation requires the body and mind to focus all their attention on the object of observation. Lack of focus and a distracted mind causes hindrances in your observation skills. Focusing your concentration on a particular thing works as an exercise for your brain.

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Believe in the age old saying of “Practice makes a man perfect”. A challenging task needs regular practice. The job may range from tying a shoe lace to programming computer software. Keep repeating the procedure as much as possible, because doing the same thing every day makes you do it faster and better. It not only increases your effectiveness but also makes you efficient.

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Did any of the above help you increase your concentration power? Let us know in the comment section below.

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