How can you control your negative side?

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How can you control your negative side?

When something is troubling you, you must put all your efforts to get rid of it. This is to be implemented even in the cases of negative thoughts. In fact, this is very difficult to put into action. Especially, in cases of negative thought flow. When we try to suppress a thought, one part of our mind avoids the thought while another part of our mind “checks in” to make sure that the thought is suppressed – therefore, ironically, the thought is back into our mind. A negative thought after entering into your mind makes the issue amplified in your mind. This makes you feel upset or angry. Fortunately, you can follow simple techniques to refocus your mind towards positive and prevent your mind from dwelling on your negative thought.

Postpone your negative thought: 

This is one of the amazing and simple techniques to handle negative thoughts. You just need to postpone the thought. As soon as a negative thought enters into your mind, tell yourself, “I will think about it on next Thursday.” Postponing the thought helps to clear your mind from negative thought. With constant practice, you can get control on negative thoughts. You might also have categories of worries. Avoid dwelling on your negative thoughts by identifying them as per their categories. This technique helps to in preventing the augmentation of negative thoughts.

Set aside your time for negative thoughts: 

Dedicate at least half an hour a day for thinking about worries. Otherwise, you tend to feel worry throughout the day. Thus, you can be free from negative thoughts to some extent. Again, this technique demands some practice. Make sure to have patience while trying this technique. Try to tell yourself that these thoughts can be allowed during ‘worry time’ which is scheduled for half an hour a day. In this way, you are not suppressing the thoughts. You are just giving them a schedule in your day. You can thus gain control on negative thoughts.

Shopping in mind 

Whenever a negative thought visits you, visualize a grocery store. Engage yourself in shopping. Imagine the shelf with all the products in the grocery store. Do not prefer food shopping. Shop those for which you need to put lot of concentration. For example, order of different books in a book shelf, songs order in your playlist. Whenever a negative thought enters your mind, follow this thought diversion technique. Do this for thirty seconds or one minute. You should follow this diversion trick to get control on your negative thoughts. You can do this as many times as you need. This process may seem quick-fix, but as you emphasize on this method, you can notice improvement in mood and decision making capabilities. This is one of the techniques of diverting your brain from negative thoughts into another direction.

Avoid Multitasking 

Multitasking may affect the efficiency of your brain. When you put much pressure on your brain, it tends to show its adverse affects on your thoughts. People who pressurize their brain with multitasking tend to notice an increase in the thoughts of death which is an unwanted thought. In fact, you cannot achieve the best outcome with multitasking. You tend to make a number of errors. To improve the efficiency of your brain, prefer to put your complete attention on a particular task. Do not get disturbed with multiple tasks. By avoiding multitasking, you can reduce the levels of stress on your brain. Thereby you can get control on your thoughts.

Trash your thoughts 

Make a note of negative thoughts on a paper and toss it in trash. Without wasting a paper, you can practice this technique on your computer too. Just drag a text document in a recycle bin. And do not forget to empty the recycle bin. Trashing your negative thoughts is a way of reducing the stress created by negative thoughts.

Reframe the situations 

Reframing helps in reducing the effects of negative thoughts on you. For example, if the flight is delayed, do not get upset. Make sure to utilize the time in connecting with dear ones over the phone. Think it as an unexpected surprise that gives you the time for yourself. Instead of worrying about something, reframing it helps in conquering negative side.

Adjust your social circle 

If you are unable to get rid of negative thoughts, it might be due to your social circle. Negative habits can be mirrored easily. Hence, try to be surrounded by the people with positive mindset. In fact, such company helps to ease your worries.

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