What is self-motivation? How one can get it?

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What is self-motivation? How one can get it?

Circumstances cannot be decided by you. What is under your control is your response towards the circumstances you face. In some situations of life, you need to be very strong and motivated. In such cases, you should be the real power in motivating yourself.

Self-motivation can be regarded as the force that directs you to accomplish the tasks. In other words, it can be considered as the ability to perform the tasks without any influence from situations or people. Self-motivation provides you strength and a good reason to finish the task. Even when the task is challenging, you can complete it even if other people are not encouraging you. Self-motivation does not let you give up the task. All it says is to move forward towards progress.

Below are the six simple ways to boost self-motivation

1. Greet yourself in the morning

The smile is a curve that makes everything straight. In fact, a smile doesn’t demand you any charge. As soon as you get up, start greeting yourself with a beautiful smile through the mirror. Most important person in your life is only ‘you’. You must not miss in greeting this person at any cost. It is better if you write some great morning greeting on a mirror. Whenever you see yourself, you are recharged with the morning greeting. The practice of boosting self-motivation progresses from this process. When you start the day with a beautiful smile and a great morning greeting, you are charged with abundant self-motivation.

2. Make an agreement with yourself 

Whenever you are feeling any challenges to complete any task, make an agreement or deal with yourself. As soon as you finish the task successfully, you must give a great treat to yourself as per the deal. Treat involved in the deal may be small or large. It may be enjoying a nice ice-cream or watching a favorite TV show. It might also involve spending time with family and friends. When you are involved in a deal with yourself, you tend to notice positive outcome. It is another simple way to improve self-motivation.

3. Act with enthusiastic

If you are not feeling enough enthusiasm or motivation, act like an enthusiastic and motivated person. You might be thrilled to notice the strange things that happen as you change your attitude. When you act like you are thoroughly motivated and enthusiastic for that particular task, you are progressing the way towards the completion of the task in a successful manner. This process helps in clearing the block you are suffering in finishing the task. As you pretend to be curious towards the task, you can notice one or two steps progression. As soon as you notice the progression, you tend to be involved in the task completely.

4. Target on a specific and large goal 

Target a large goal. So, you can notice great motivation in achieving the tasks. You can observe a huge effect created by the big goal. This helps in creating much motivation. Do not limit yourself to small goals. You have to set your goals high. When you set your goal high, you try to reach the position to reach the goal. Thus, goal setting process helps in supplying you with enough motivation. People, who limit themselves to small goals, cannot even devote their time in setting goals high. Come out of that comfort zone and concentrate on a large goal.

5. Stop thinking and start implementing 

Another important way to boost your self-motivation is to start implementing your thoughts. Start working and notice the improvement in the task. As you are habituated to implementing your thoughts, you can notice a greater improvement in taking the tasks further. This habit lets you finish the task irrespective of any challenges. Mind and actions join together in completing the task. All the way through the process, your mind is habituated to see the outcome of the task. As you follow this process, you might not suffer motivation problem when you take up another task.

6. Keep Track 

Keep track of your motivation. Maintain notes about your motivation issues. Write in the notes when you lack motivation and when you experience a great motivation. Identify the reasons. Maintaining notes that help you to understand the fluctuations in motivation lets you explore about yourself. You can get ideas on what triggers your motivation and what discourages your motivation. When you know the problem, you can solve it.

Above are the some of the best tricks to boost self-motivation. Please tell me which one of the above worked for you.

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