How to be more Feminine?

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How to be more Feminine?

Do you want to be feminine? Have you always wondered how those movie actresses look so beautiful and charming? Have you ever thought of becoming like them? Well, you can be like those celebrities who have made the whole world their fan by their gorgeousness and femininity. But before you try to become feminine you should know what feminity means. Do you know what is feminine? Some people think that a person who behaves like women is feminine. The traits a woman possesses are often loosely termed as feminine. Like when a person cries, they are attributed to being feminine. But is complaining really a female trait? Do not men cry? Femininity and masculinity are two terms the society made, and there is no definition or a book that has defined femininity. People have their, own understanding of the word and they use it freely.

Being feminine has nothing to do with crying or whining. It is a human emotion and can be felt and expressed by anyone. Feminine traditionally meant gentleness, empathy, and sensitivity but the definition and roles of a gender have transformed entirely. In the society we live today, there are no fixed roles for any gender. A man can do what a woman and a woman can do whatever a man can. What a person chooses to wear and how they act depends on them and nobody has a right to deny them their freedom. However, we cannot defy the set norms that have been living from millennials. There are a lot of cultures that define objects and traits as feminine and masculine. Also, it cannot be denied that some of these traits are true to existence. There are some characteristics that women possess more than men. Some women do not allow their feminine side to the surface due to certain reasons, and this becomes a reason why they get ignored by the opposite sex a lot of times. Men are attracted towards women who are feminine and graceful. Those women who do not behave ideally are ignored. So what should these women do? How to look more feminine and be more feminine? If you are a woman who has not felt attractive for a long time and wants to feel more feminine, then you should try on some of the tips to become more feminine

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#1. Dress Like A Lady

If you want to impress people, then you should dress up like a lady. The kind of clothes you wear emphasize your personality. If you wear baggy and loose clothes, then the impression will be that of a tomboy. In order to stop giving the impression of a tomboy, wear good, well-fitted clothes that enhance your body and your personality. Wear clothes that suit you. People wear clothes that are trending but they do not think if those clothes will suit them. Be stylish and fashionable but don’t be stupid. A style is what makes you comfortable and a lot of celebrities have said that they believe in comfort more than the trend. A piece of cloth you wear should make you feel comfortable because if it doesn’t then you will be irritated all the time and that irritation will reflect on your face. Wear comfortable clothes to look graceful and feminine.

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#2. Maintain A Good Body Posture

If you want to look feminine and attractive, then you should keep a hold on your body posture. Strong women carry themselves straight. Always walk straight with your back and chin up. Keep your shoulders up straight and do not slouch. Be careful about how you sit. The way you sit or walk shows femininity. If you are wearing a short dress then always sit properly because if you do not know how to carry yourself, then you will look like a fool. Walk with confidence and people will be instantly attracted towards you. Do not sit with a huge gap between your legs. Take short steps if you are wearing heels.

#3. A Little Make-Up Never Harms

If you think that you need to apply makeup to your face, then go for it. It will accentuate your facial features. With a little makeup on your face, you will look even more attractive and feminine. Makeup will hide the flaws on your skin like acne or dark spots. If you want your skin to look radiant and flawless, then you should apply makeup. But do not apply excessive makeup more because that can ruin your skin as well. Wearing make up for a long time can harm your skin. Always remove makeup as soon as you get home with a good cleanser.

#4. Follow A Beauty Regime

If you want to look feminine, then you should follow a beauty regime. Take care of your skin by applying a good amount of moisturizer as it will protect your skin from dullness and it will not loosen. Our skin needs moisturization, so it is important that you drink lots of water. Protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays that can cause redness and burn on the skin. Have a soft and supple skin which is a key feature associated with being feminine.

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#5. Exercise For A Perfect Body

No matter what body shape you are what is more important is that you stay healthy. You should exercise every day to keep your body weight and shape under control. If you want a good looking body then exercising is the best remedy. You cannot skip it because this is a need even if you do not want to look feminine. We see a lot of models that we adore preach daily workout. They maintain their body index through a balanced diet and exercise. You could play some sport to keep yourself active. Being feminine has nothing to do with hating sports. Sports teaches a lot of lessons that every person must know.

#6. Keep A Check On Language

When you have your appearance and your body under control you should notice how you speak. Your interaction skills must be excellent if you want to be feminine. Speak politely, be flirtatious and playful. Use an appropriate language. Do not use cuss words and be straightforward. Study a lot and have some opinions about what is going on in the world. Be rational and logical when you speak. Being feminine doesn’t mean that you do not know politics or “manly affairs.” Be a wise woman and take the lead. Know when you should speak and when to ignore.

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#7. Be Kind And Compassionate

In order to be feminine, one needs to be kind, compassionate, giving and polite. Practice these qualities to be feminine. Always help others in need and stand for equality. Be empathetic and humane. Do not criticize people instead try to understand them.

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