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We always dream of something or who will we become someday. Everyday, we always think on how will we become a great person. I always thought that average is enough but growing up there is always room for improvement.

My mother always told me that if you want to start your day right, you start up by fixing your bed. I always thought that it's so dumb or she just don't like a messy bedroom. She always is saying that every morning that I don't want to wake up. Then I realize my mom was right, it simply means that "change" starts within ourselves. After that I realized it we had a heart to heart talk, she said that I ain't average all my life you can start by yourself, be someone extraordinary, " I want my son to be successful, not for me or anybody else, you will do it for you and I will be on your back until the end. I believe in you". 

We ain't someone average, no one is, everyone of us is special in our own ways. We have to see it ourselves, there is always room for improvement. We have to start within ourselves, we might see a world with well-disciplined individuals. Change for the better, for a better future.

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