5 Ways to Use Media and Technology in Learning

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5 Ways to Use Media and Technology in Learning

With the ever-increasing list of new innovations and discoveries, the knowledge and information related to them are also increasing. As it is not a feasible idea to print everything in millions of copies, the digital medium is required.

This is where the technology and the media act as the tutor and mentor in the education sector. The technology medium also helps in adapting to the ever-changing atmosphere of learning by incorporating the latest information in its database. Whether you want an English tutor or just want to research about your chemistry topic, technology and media come in very handy.

Here are 5 effective ways to use the media and technology in learning:

1. Usage of interactive media 

Smart learning is a step ahead of traditional learning. Smart learning includes the use of the digital media like videos and pictures for better understanding by the students. The use of 3D technology makes one understand the selected topic in a realistic way. The interactive media, by using its colors, animation, and motion graphics can make the learning experience even more interesting and knowledgeable.

2. Technology like Audio/ podcasts

It is not possible for every student to be provided with a system. It is here that the Audio technology comes into play. Considering the vast pool of students, audio technology like the podcasts and audio series can be used. These actually offer some very deep insights into the topic. A person can simply put the earplugs on, start the podcast and do their work while they learn about the topic. Another advantage of this is the fact that a single audio series or a podcast can reach to millions effectively.

3. Learning apps

Nowadays with the booming smartphone market, there is also a substantial increase in the number of apps. Some of these can be used for learning anything you desire- from cooking to rocket science. Learning apps come with many advantages like remote learning, flexible hours and learn on-the-go features, to name a few. Educational apps also keep a record of our progress, which tends to act like our report cards. Some of the best learning apps include the Byju’s learning app, an app where Maths and Physics are taught by some very enthusiastic persons.

4. Using the creative tools

Creative tools encompass those tools which replicate the original model digitally. Today for designing something, we need not use drawing boards and pencils. We can do it in the designing tools and various software using the technology. For example, designing a car model or an engine for a jet takes far less time on a creative digital tool as compared to the drawing board. Examples of creative tools include AutoCAD and Fusion360.

5. Using Artificial intelligence

Imagine a situation where you need to learn the English language. Getting a tutor nowadays might be a little tedious. Artificial intelligence bridges this gap between the human and the machine, and performs the required action with precision and perfection. There are robots and virtual teachers on the web where you are taught your desired subject or the language. The only difference being that the tutor is a virtual robot who is programmed to perform various intelligent tasks.

The technology and media if used in the right direction can make learning extremely easy and fun. With the advent of technology, the imaginative things become a virtual reality, which further can be utilized for more sophisticated inventions and discoveries. The use of artificial intelligence and Internet of things have advanced the learning process leaps and bounds and to an extent beyond the reach of anyone.

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