What is the Right Age for Abacus?

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What is the Right Age for Abacus?

The minimum age for Abacus classes is entirely a personal decision. It's a form of training that stabilizes one's mind. However, it is said that human brain starts developing and absorbing information in the formative years. So, the abacus age group starts from 5 to 8 years and can go to whatever extent. 

Abacus in mathematics is really significant but exactly when to start Abacus for kids? What's the use of learning Abacus? And can adults learn abacus too?  

Uses Of Learning Abacus

#1. Abacus in mathematics helps enhance logical reasoning in kids.

#2. Abacus helps in making faster calculations.

#3. It develops the endurance towards pressure as well as stress.

#4. It extends a better mental visualization.

#5. Abacus in mathematics also helps in developing a photographic memory.

#6. Kids learn to accept mathematics as a useful and meaningful subject.

#7. Abacus is said to be the fastest way of making calculations. This outshines the younger minds and creates a stronger foundation.

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#8. Abacus in mathematics is the perfect tool for honing the immature mind.

#9. Children also develop better concentration levels.

#10. Abacus evolves your child's problem-solving abilities.

#11. Abacus also encourages children to use the right side or the creative side of their brain.

#12. This practice initiates the ability of mental math.

#13. Abacus is a traditional concept which is now a conventional tool for making calculations appear manageable.

The Minimum Age For Abacus Classes

To achieve greatness in life, it is important for a child's formative years to be full of positive things and experiences. The knowledge they gain in this period lays a solid foundation of their future selves. A child's brain activity is highest in his/ her growth years. However, no two children are the same, and learning processes for each one of them come in a distinctive manner.

When it comes to mathematics, there are hardly any children who assume the subject to be fascinating. But, abacus training comes handy when the most boring topics need to be explained in the most innovative ways. So, a kid who is as young as 5 years of age can join an Abacus program to develop and enhance their confidence and intelligence. But it all depends on the kid's ability to start speaking and recognizing numbers or other equations.

On the other side, there are exceptions too. People prefer admitting their kids for Abacus classes when they turn seven or eight. This is considered as an ideal age as kids don't rely solely on Abacus for even basic calculations. They can also be taught about complex equations so that they can reap maximum benefit. Therefore, this question often pops- when to start Abacus for kids? Whatever may be the choice, remember that the Abacus age group for kids vary from parents to parents and children to children.

Can Adults Learn Abacus?

Abacus is that mental practice which activates one's brain functioning and evolves the rational abilities. But, can adults learn abacus? Why not! Abacus is the foundation for mathematics and logical reasoning; it can be utilized by both kids and adults. It's not about the ease or complexity of calculations; it is about adding strength to the aging brain. And since it's a great stress buster, the elderly anxiety also remains under control.

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Yes, it is true that abacus learning help children to improve their mathematical and calculation skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. Basically it is a brain development programme. the actual benefit of Abacus is the improvement of concentration and brain enhancement through the concept of visualization. Abacus is based on visualization. By this concept children perform mathematical calculation very fast.

IIVA, Indian Institute Of Vedic Maths & Abacus is the  best institution for learning abacus. Click the link below



Abacus definitely helps in improving the mathematical skills if learnt early in life. This is a very good way to know how one can do mathematics. My brother learnt abacus at a young age. He has a good command in mathematics. He really is committed to the subject and has a deeper understanding towards each topic he learns. You can still learn abacus, it enhances the mathematical and calculative skills. You can imagine the abacus in your head and quickly perform a mathematical calculation without any hindrance. I did it when I saw visible difference in his analytical skills.  

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