Which one is the Best Book for learning English?

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Which one is the Best Book for learning English?

Do you want to learn English? What method will you opt for to gain fluency in the language? Well, my sister is traveling to the US and she has weak knowledge about the language. 

Before she leaves for the US, I want her to brush up her command on the language and learn how to speak fluently. Can you recommend some books to help her in the process? Which book do you think will serve as the best guide to learning English?

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Some of the best English learning books are those which have been curated immaculately concerning the details of reading and writing in mind. The main essence of any language is the type of writing you follow and how fluently you can speak that language. You can find millions of books which will help you in specific areas of English. For example, you can read “Word Power Made Easy” by Norman Lewis; “Advanced English Grammar in Use” by Martin Hewing and such to enhance your language flow and help build a command on the same. You could evaluate these How-To books and get a better hold on the language.

Watch movies and listen to songs, try conversing with someone who is good enough. Or else, rapidex is the last option. 

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