Printed books are better than E-Books.

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Printed books are better than E-Books.

With the rising technology, people are very much interested in e-books. Due to various factors, many people are preferring e-books over print books. But, the pleasure of reading a print book is outstanding.

The soft touch of pages in a print book gives you an amazing feel. When you try to read an e-book, your eyes gets strained by the light emitted from the device. But, in the case of a print book, you won’t face such problems. Traditional print books can be gifted to children to encourage the habit of reading. As you read a print book, you feel like you are speaking directly to the person.

Books can be considered as your best friend. People who are very fond of books write their names and purchase date once they purchase a print book. Print books can be given to your dear ones with your signature on it. You may experience such a great feeling with e-books.

Here are the 5 reasons to prefer print books. 

1. Pleasure 

Reading experience can be enhanced with print books. You can touch the book. It is not a virtual feel. You can even highlight your favorite phrases and lines with a pen. Reading through a paper helps in making your reading actually pleasurable. When you read from print books, your eyes enjoy a sense of relaxation. When you read a print book in the evening after finishing all your tasks, you can experience a great relaxation. When you read an e-book, your eyes tend to feel tired. You may want to skip few lines to proceed to next paragraph. Also, you may tend to reach out to next chapter even without finishing the previous one.

2. Flexible 

Print books are flexible. You need not charge them for using them. In fact, books help in recharging you. You can read them by enjoying the sunset. You can even read them at your favorite place in your garden. You need not worry about the low battery. As I said earlier, print books help in rebooting your energy levels. You can read print books during your bedtime. You can read it during the journey. E-readers require charging. Print books do not demand anything from you. They just need your attention.

3. Healthy 

Reading offers you numerous benefits. But, the medium you choose for reading has its effects on your health. Print books are better for your health. They do not strain your eyes. In fact, your eyes are soothed with print books. People who prefer e-readers tend to face problems related to health. They are most likely to be affected by insomnia. This is due to the light emitted by e-readers. Sleep deficiency results in serious health risks. In contrast, reading a print book can actually help you fall asleep better. A book can be very effective in clearing your mind and thus improves the quality of sleep.

4. Educative 

It has been revealed in a study that people who use e-readers tend to be less efficient in recalling the events and plots mentioned in the books. This problem is not much severe in the people who read print books. This is because full of disturbances in digitalized texts like links and ability to check social media reduces the focus of the readers. Taking “breaks” too often may not help in retaining the information. Thus, e-book readers are likely to suffer from recalling the plots of the book.

5. Beautiful Memory 

Print books serve as a beautiful memory when you get it from your dear ones. Their signature on print books makes you travel back to those memories. You can preserve the book safely. You can touch the book and touch the signature. Time flies, but memories last forever. Books not only help in educating you but also help in making you feel special about yourself. You can also gift a book to your dear ones with your signature on it. The value of a book is not decided by its price.

6. You can smell the books 

A book not only helps in giving you a great reading experience but also makes you feel better with its smell. Books smell sweet. Many people smell the book as soon as they purchase it. In fact, it is a process of inviting a great book into your life. Aroma emanated from a book is so special and nothing can match its magical smell.

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