Advantages of reading books

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Advantages of reading books
Reading is one of the best hobbies. It can have many advantages for the people on self-development. There are many types of books available for one to read. Reading good books can have a very good impact on oneself. It helps to improve emotions, motivations and thoughts, compared to other books.

There are several advantages of reading books. Some of which are as follows

Positivity: Reading good books containing good stories can boost the positivity in us. The more we read good books, the more positive thoughts and emotions rise in us which help us to see the life in positive manner. There is a cut down in the negative emotions. Our outlook for the future becomes positive.
Motivation: As we get good thoughts from the books, we become more motivated towards life. If we read good books on stories about achieving life goals, we tend to get the feeling of “can do” attitude and a hope is born that nothing is impossible and we can do it.
Gives mental exercise: If we consider our brain as a muscle, it would require regular exercise and stretches to keep it fit. For doing that reading is the best exercise as it keeps the brain busy and so the brain does not lose its power. Our mind gets to imagination and brain-storming which is helpful in creativity and intellectual stimulation.
Stress reduction: Reading is one of the ways of relaxing the body and the mind like that of yoga and meditation. If we take the book and sit in fresh air for reading, it can do wonders to reducing our body stress. It acts like meditation for the soul and the body. Our mind gets relaxed, free of intense thoughts. The strain on the brain nerves is reduced.
Improvement in memory: While reading books, one has to remember the different types of characters in it, the different types of situations, character’s names, history, backgrounds, ambitions, etc. Human brain has amazing power to remember all of this. This is vast amounts of information. Books give us newer and newer memories and this strengthens our brain and power to remember. We start figuring out things before their happening. We achieve qualities of a detective like critical thinking and problem solving. If read a smaller part of a book and reflect upon it and then move to the next part then it will help our mind to focus better.
Vocabulary enhancement: If we know that we are able to speak and use complex words very fluently and confidently, then it will be a boost in our career. Reading on a regular basis will help us get to know about many different kinds of words and we will try to search their meanings if don’t know it. This way it will enhance our knowledge and ultimately improve our vocabulary. A person who is knowledgeable, well-spoken and knows literature is always better and preferable than the person who is poor in literature and doesn’t know what others are speaking.
Thinking becomes analytical: If we read any mystery novel or a suspense story, then we automatically try to figure out that who was the culprit. We also try to figure out that did the characters properly took actions, were the characters allotted properly or was the novel well-written etc. This develops the quality of analysis in our brain and gives our brain a good exercise. If we have friends or relatives or colleagues who also like to read, then we can have a debate or discussion on some topics which will give everybody a healthy exercise.
Free entertainment: All the people are always looking for activities that are fun and don’t cost anything. Reading is one of the free sources of entertainment that we can get easily. We will just have to buy the book for once and then we can read it as many times as we want. Now-a-days we also have an option of ebooks. There are books available on the internet, free to read. We just need to have access to internet and can enjoy hours of reading for free. With the help of ebooks, we don't need to carry heavy books with us, we can just carry our tablet or laptop or can read in our mobile itself. We will get knowledge, vocabulary improvement, fun, entertainment for only cost of the internet, which is very minimal. Everybody should read books for self-improvement.

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