How to feel Motivated when you Lose a Job?

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How to feel Motivated when you Lose a Job?

It is often said, “find a better job before leaving your current one.” But, let's face the truth, sometimes the circumstances get on our nerves and we quit the job without even planning or finding a backup plan and things don't remain the same like before. Though deserving people get a job real quick, things are not the same for everyone. Sometimes things get a little difficult to manage for people who are not well qualified for any job due to the lack of proper higher education or lack the required experience of being a fresher. Also, in case you absconded your job, you’ll be questioned in all your upcoming interviews of why you did that? The worst part; you can't tell them your boss was a jerk, or your co workers were idiots as it will leave a bad impression, can also reduce your chances of getting hired which you won't like.

And, if you’ve been through it even once, you would know that quitting your job isn’t the problem, the real problem is surviving the time after you quit your job. Finding a job becomes a matter of survival, and every rejection turns out as a major disappointment. You start doubting yourself, your education, your abilities, and your god. After quitting the job, your brain starts working over time, you start feeling depressed, over- drink, binge eat, or even think about suicide. It's hard, and I know that too. You're not the only one who's facing the problems. In the US, every year 2 million people lose their job or quit it every month and they face the similar circumstances after that.

So, whenever you feel you’re suffering, just remind yourself that you’re not alone. There 2 million people with you facing the same problem. You have to be your own strength, be hopeful, and try to survive the period of unemployment. Time changes, it will never remain the same; so, just wait for the change.

Ways To Motivate Yourself And Survive The Unemployment

#1. Start Dealing With Your Negativity 

A lot of things will happen during the period of unemployment, and the first thing you'll feel is a lot of negativity-inside you and around you. Thus, the first step to surviving the unemployment depression is to deal with the negativity and adopt a positive attitude towards life and the present circumstances. Adopting a positive attitude in your life will lead to positive thinking and the time won't feel tough any longer. Read success stories on the internet of people who survived unemployment and came back with a thunder. Don’t just read it, try to understand the message within the stories and try to give a similar example.

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#2. Surround Yourself With Positive People.

The people around you impact your thoughts, your situation, and the solutions you dig out to resolve your problem. Being surrounded by negative people will make the situation worse, find people who have a different angle towards life and stay with them. Meet your friends, plan short trips, and enjoy life as it won’t be the same ever again.

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#3. Accept And Normalize The Problem

Accept the problem as a problem but don’t make it a hype. Quitting a job and ending up unemployed for a time is a very common problem, and It's not that hard to normalize the problem. You just need some clarity on the event that has occurred in your life leading you to the situation. Understand that unemployment/employment is the part of the economy, and it's not happening just in your country or just in your city. Everyone you know will likely know someone besides you who is unemployed or has been unemployed once in their life. This understanding of the situation will give you some wisdom and fill you with optimism, helping you to motivate yourself throughout.

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#4. Stay Focused On Your Current Goal

Now that you’ve quit your job, it doesn’t mean you're supposed to get miserable. It was just one job that suited you, and there are million more which you need to search for. So, set your priorities, the first one is finding a job. Keep yourself focused on your current goal, your job is to look for a job, so keep looking until you find a good one. You have an abundance of time, thanks to your exit from your last job, now utilize this time in doing something which helps you to improve yourself and prepares you for your new job. Be productive with your time, don't just waste it in weeping over the past, and stressing yourself with the situation. Be positive, and make a timetable, call your friends, search on job portals for a job. Keep following the activities unless you find a new job and ends your suffering.

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#5. Find Something To Keep Your Mind Diverted

During the period you're unemployed, you should find something to do with your free time to keep yourself busy. Learn new things on the internet, practice it, start writing or blogging, or anything that can keep your mind engaged. If you let your mind get over you and over think, you’ll experience depression, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts can be normal. Thus, stay busy and exhaust yourself completely before going to bed.

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#6. Enlarge Your Professional Network.

The second rule for every working professional is to keep increasing your professional network, no matter who you meet and when you meet- if they are associated with any organization, then you need a way to stay connected with them. Use professional networking platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook, or you can even ask for their number and save it for the rainy days. Be good with people while you're working and find a suitable alternative to stay in touch with them. Use contacts from your previous role, as well as new in your job search. Keep expanding your network, the larger it is, the better are the chances of getting employed.

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#7. Stay Patient And Calm Your Nerves

Accept the fact that things take time to happen, and your complaints or constant efforts to pace up the things won't work at all. Things will eventually fall into the right place at the right time.

Keep a good control on your nerves, try to keep yourself calm and peaceful in this tough time. Emotions are contagious and often makes us do things that we regret later in life, so, don’t let emotions like anger, hatred, and depression take over you. Avoid drinking too much, stop it completely if possible. Spend time with your kids, let them benefit from your presence. Have fun with your family, take them for a trip, or start doing a leisure time activity.

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#8. Connect With The Community, A Larger One

Confining yourself won’t make the things get better, so stop trying. Connect with volunteering organizations like church, synagogue, or other professional organization which allow people to volunteer. Start volunteering and talking to people you meet there, talk about everything including your current situation. Helping others is a good way to get the negativity out of your mind, and help yourself. Also, as many people know about you and your job loss, the more are the chances of finding a good job. Who knows, your potential employer is also volunteering in these programs and might call you for a meeting.

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These pointers can help you only when you're ready to follow them. It takes some efforts and dedication to get things back on track. So, don't lose yourself after losing your job, be optimistic. We hope you liked the article. If you have something to share about your personal experience or about the article, let us know using the comment section.

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