How to avoid Negative people in life?

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How to avoid Negative people in life?

If you have a negative person in your life, then you would know that they are not exactly the most exciting or fun people to be around. Downers in a conversation, they always have a way of spinning things towards a negative direction no matter what you say. It’s not just that negative people are dull and boring to be with, but they also drain the life out of you, and that is why it becomes imperative to avoid them in life.

It is understandable for someone to have a moment of despair and discouragement, but negative people tend to carry that mood for a long time in their life. They worry too much and fail to see the bright side of things, making it difficult for other people to be around them.

All of us have negative people in our lives who could be friends, colleagues, classmates or anyone else. Having to listen to somebody complain and bitch all the time is not merely a waste of time and energy, but also starts to affect your mental health after a given period of time. While clearly it is imperative for everybody to avoid negative people and their negative thoughts, most of us do not know how exactly to do it.

Do you also have negative people in your life who are affecting your life in more ways than you want them to? Do you know how to avoid them? Well, don’t worry because we are not here to ask questions but to give you answers and we will help you soak in positive energy. Just keep reading.

#1. Never Get Into An Argument

The thing about negative people is that most times they are stubborn as well, and every discussion with them turns into an argument within seconds. No matter what you say, they will have an opposite opinion and points to back their argument up. The only way a debate with them could end is with either you losing the discussion or your temper. Arguments are also a way of strengthening social bonds, and you do not want that to be happening between you and the negative person. Getting into an argument with them would spiral down things further and you will find yourself enveloped in frustration and negativity. Therefore, if you want joy and laughter in your life, try to avoid an argument with negative people as much as you can.

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#2. Hang Out Only In Groups

There could be times when you cannot eliminate the negative person from your life, like in the case when he or she is your classmate or colleague. At the same time, you cannot afford to offend that person with a rude remark or by walking away as that would make things even worse between the two of you. In that case, we suggest you avoid spending alone time with them as much as possible. In a group, negative people respond and act in a different way than they otherwise do.

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#3. Take Charge Of The Conversation

Some people can’t help being negative talking about certain topics as these spark complaints and self-pity in them. So, in order to avoid their negative comments, try to steer clear of those topics while engaging in a conversation. Always find a lighter ground when you can’t avoid talking to them. Bring up general topics like the weather or any latest movie you or they might have seen. In the process, also try to keep compassion for yourself. There could also be times when you find the conversation plummeting into negativity. If possible, try to turn things around as much as you can. As the in-charge of the conversation, you can also choose to ignore a negative comment by the other person and drive the dialogue into neutral or positive fields.

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#4. Set Boundaries And Keep Conversations Short

If you have identified a toxic person in your life, whose negative energy has started to take a toll on your psyche and mental health, then set boundaries regarding how and to what extent you interact with them. Put distance between you two as much as you can and keep the interactions as short as possible. You may not be able to control the negative behavior of the person, but you can certainly control how much their energy affects you.

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#5. Never Overanalyze

Quite often, things are not as bad as we make them by thinking about them over and over again. There is not always a rational reason behind the actions of a negative person, and by thinking about that and trying to make sense of those, you will just be wasting your valuable time and energy. Instead, try to focus your energy on not becoming emotionally invested in their problems. If you cannot just terminate all sorts of conversations with a negative person, then make sure that their comments have the least possible effects on you. As soon as your interaction ends with them, forget about what they said and focus on positive things.

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#6. Praise Them For Positive Thinking

If you have ever heard of positive reinforcement and what it entails, then you probably know that it works. Remember how your parents rewarded you whenever you did what they asked, and that made you want to obey them again? That is positive reinforcement. You can use the same behavioral technique to turn the negative people in your life into rays of joy. If there’s something that they are good at or something positive that they do or say every once in a while, then reward them for those, and this reward can be just praise.

When you praise someone, they realize that they did something good that made them a better person and it is the innate human nature to try to impress someone he or she likes. Therefore, you can plant a seed of positivity by simple praises and witness the negative person turn into a glee one over time.

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#7. Lend A Helping Help

Sometimes, your conscience does not allow you to avoid a person in trouble simply and you want to be there for them in any way you can. Also, more times than not, complaining and self-pity are a cry for help, though the person in question may not be aware of it. In some cases, a simple ‘how are you’ or ‘what’s wrong’ is enough to do wonders. If you are determined to lend a helping hand. you must keep one thing in mind that the attempt to help them may strengthen the social bond between the two of you but it may become even harder to avoid them later.

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#8. Avoid Them Entirely

When all else fails, and there’s nothing else you can do, the only thing to resort to is eliminating the person from your life as you can’t let the negative thoughts of the person keep on affecting your mood and psyche. If it is a friend or someone quite close to you, then let them know that their behavior is an issue and they need to work on it.

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#9. Be Positive

The bottom line is that being positive or negative is in your hands, and if you choose to be the former, there is not one person in the world who can change that. Let the negative person try to spoil everything with their self-pity and complaints, and you just keep going living your life as happily and joyfully as you can. Also, if a person is positive or negative is a subjective thing and depends on how you look at them. Try to focus on only the positives of a person, avoiding all the rest, and you will realize that people are not always as bad as they may appear at first sight.

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Well, this was a small piece of advice that we had for you, and now it is the time that you share what you think with us. How do you avoid negative people and negative thoughts in your life? How important do you think it is to prevent such people to prevent becoming one of them yourself? Tell us through your comments in the dedicated box below. Also, we would love for you to vote in the poll that we have created for you below.

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Posted by: Savannah Posts: (2) Opinions: (6) Points: 255 Rank: 654

Totally agree with you; being around a negative person for a long time takes a toll on the body as well as the mind. They share their problems with you and before you know it, you have become emotionally invested in them and their problems are not your problems. The feeling of being overwhelmed all the time and being stressed out to the limit, believe it or not, shortens your life. A human brain is actually quite similar to a computer and just as any information stored in the latter remains there for a long time, such is the case with the human mind. Once it receives any sort of information and it gets embedded in the neurons, it is next to impossible to remove it entirely from there. Therefore, being in negative situations or listening to negative people does more than just spoil your mood for a few hours. It alters the structure of your brain. So, avoiding negative people in life is essential.

In case you wish to avoid embedding negative feelings in your mind, then preventing is the best option and you can do this by just being a little bit more aware than you usually are. Amongst the simplest and the most effective things we can do in a stressful situation when you cannot avoid a negative person is breathing. This not only diverts our focus away from the problem but also regulates blood pressure, its circulation, heart rate, digestion and other functions of the body. When negative people bestow their negative thoughts and feelings upon you, it stimulates your sympathetic nervous system which in turn impacts several of your other bodily functions. Something as simple as breathing can help you take care of these various issues.

There are a number of ways you can tell if the person beside you is simply in the bad mood or negative from the core. One thing about negative people is that they worry too much, sometimes even when there is no need for it. They perhaps thrive on it. They always anticipate things going wrong even when everything is alright and going smooth. If you have been around negative people, then you must have also observed that they are hardcore pessimists. The brighter side of life does not exist as far as they are concerned.

Further, they are also complaint box, taking up issues with everything in their life, bringing sadness to their life as well as of the people around them. If you are a negative person, then I would suggest that you drop your drop this trait of yours as soon as possible as unsurprisingly, negative people tend to achieve less than their positive counterparts. They believe that they are not as smart as other people and not good enough to achieve greatness.

The last thing I would like to say here is that if you are a negative person, try to not be one anymore and if somebody close to you is, then help them overcome it and turn their life around. Everybody has problems in their life but if you keep nagging and bitching about them to the people around you, you are going to drive them away and be all alone.

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