Lifestyle and philosophy

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Lifestyle and philosophy

Your philosophy of your life has a deeper and profound impact on your lifestyle. In other words, your philosophy plays a major role in motivating and directing you. And, thus it helps you to take decisions.

A personal philosophy of a person is constructed from what he/she learns and what he/she knows through childhood. Many things play a major role in influencing the philosophy of one’s life.

Values and belief structure of a person are commanded by philosophy. Taking decisions based on one’s life philosophy may lead to success or failure. It all depends on what we deal and how we deal. Negative philosophy shows harmful effects on lifestyle while positive philosophy results in happier lifestyle.

Knowledge of our history helps us to understand how the outcomes can be commanded by philosophy. Good results or bad results are the results of a certain philosophy. And the outcome impacted the lives of millions.

Have You Identified Your Life Philosophy?

Life and philosophy go hand in hand. When you have mastered the art of life and living, you sure have some mantras which you abide by, which is philosophy. The rules that govern your life, the way you lead your life, what makes you do things, the value you imbibe or have imbibes over time and the ways which help you lead the journey which is endless in a metaphorical sense. Up until the time you do not have the idea of Weltanschauung, you cannot go on in your life. Everybody has his or her philosophy which guides them throughout the tedious currents of life, some gets is early and some gain it a later in life.

Philosophy is germane to the human behavior, the changes in behavior, the circumstances that leads to such changes and the effects that are brought by them in our life. You do not identify your philosophy at your mother’s knees, you acquire and incorporate it in order to get a fixed ritual which you can go by. It is not something which acts a burden, it is a man’s credo, with the aid of which one realizes the importance of action in one’s life, which is very significant.

Why Is It Important To Have A Life Philosophy?

Life is replete with its own waves, be it good or bad which serves your purposes at various points. We, human beings cannot go on making decisions without getting stick to a school of though. Everyone moves with the flow of life, indubitably, however, one follows a specific ideology. An ideology helps you attain goals and objectives you set your yourself. Given below are the reasons why it is important to have a life philosophy:

#1. To Make Decisions

Decision makers have their life’s philosophy, they have the ability to make decisions at all times, for the betterment. When people have some beliefs which are permanent, they take good decisions and the results are fruitful. Philosophy governs their life, out and out.
Imagine someone with no principles and ideology, he will mess up the entire policies and nature of affairs and disturb the status quo, thereby disrupting the entire decisions.

#2. To Become Happy

When you have certain beliefs in life, you give yourself a chance to become happy and content. You do things which have your confirmation, which make you feel at home and you are naturally gay. Whereas a person without any philosophy in his or her life would go about faffing around time, which otherwise could have used in something constructive, that results in no output.

#3. To Become Valuable

A person without a philosophy has no purpose in life, his life tends to be in higgledy-piggledy order. Good philosophies help you realize your potential and seek opportunities that greet you. You can be really productive with a doctrine in your life. People will get to know your value and your strengths and you leave a positive impact.

#4. To Fulfill Your Needs

Good philosophies help you with the survival, your way of life becomes relatively easy. You need not prevaricate and avoid things, you can do things instantly when you have a governing principle in life and your life gets a meaning subsequently.
All of us are surviving in some or the other way, be it with ample or meager opportunities. Life is clear when you have a certain philosophy in life and it is certain that you create your own special place with your own good philosophies.

#5. To Lead An Authentic Life

People do not have to wear a masquerade when they go by their philosophies, on the contrast, people without philosophies, more often than not, lead a disturbed, fake life. They can hardly stick to truth and modify their statements as per their circumstances and needs. The ones who follow no school of thought are bound to end up in a vicious circle of lies and deceit, most probably.

#6. To Know Important Things

“Anybody who is imitating somebody else, no matter who it is, is heading in the wrong direction.” -Jon Kabat Zinn
The things you take up in your life are probably in line with your philosophies. People do not go against their philosophies and do something which is against their principles. Philosophy in life lets you know the importance of things and that really matter. Some things are quite meaningless and your philosophy helps in giving a meaning to your life. You do not go blindly after a herd of sheep, you take time to analyze things.

How Does Philosophy Help You In Life?

Philosophy has its own role in our life which cannot be ignored at any cost, the positivity it brings can hardly be denied. It is essential to have a philosophy in life as it helps you holistically. It helps in
#1. Taking responsibility of your actions
#2. Staving off the time you waste on baseless things
#3. Making people more responsible and accountable
#4. Retaining the values, for instance, honesty, strength and integrity
#5. Providing independence so that you work on your own terms

How To Develop A Philosophy In Life?

Philosophy in life is an integral part of the entire life’s ecosystem. Once you are ready to put your foot forward for a task, you follow your doctrines and then begin your work. People who have good philosophies in life are comparatively more successful and confident. The catch often lies in the manner which we can have a philosophy in life – here are some of the things which helps you in developing life’s mantras:

#1. Try To Connect

Interaction is the best way to introduce philosophy in life. Once you start communicating openly with family and friends, you become au fait with their ways and methods. You can learn from people around you and on the basis of some imitation with your own inputs can bring in some ideology for your own life so that it becomes meaningful.

#2. Carry Out Trials

People with good philosophies in life deal with problems without an effort. They know how to experiment with vicissitudes of life with different outlook. They do not get puzzled and impatient. You should try not to stick with one approach, you should have a list of philosophies from which you can cull out the best one which is appropriate for a particular situation.

#3. Do Not Commit

Be open to all kinds of communication and approaches. Sticking to any one never proffers good solutions and results. What works as panacea during dilemmas is a free attitude – the one which lets you change your mind. No life’s philosophy is permanent for anyone, people cannot live with one ideology all their life. It doesn’t mean you keep on changing them entirely, no is the word. Stick with what is best and appropriate.

#4. Have Disparate Notions

“It is the mark of an educated mind to hold two conflicting ideas in his head without accepting either.” - Aristotle
When you have ideas which are different from one another, you get to decide and choose the correct one as per situations. It is important to have conflicts within the thoughts in order to get a good philosophy.

#5. Self-Analysis

Introspection plays an important role when you wish to have a certain principle in life. Once you brood over life’s, you can have your own strategies for different arenas, be it religion or anything for that matter. When you decide to stay away from getting into religious debates, you are setting a boundary that you would not cross. There are different philosophies for different matters. One can brood over things through mediation which helps in improving your focus and concentration.

#6. Be Tolerant

Do not be impatient at the things that go wrong. The process of philosophy go through the entire life and you can make amendments all throughout life, so be patient because no one has got the perfect strategies for life, no one philosophy is invincible, all lives are different and so are philosophies. Philosophies do not come with a perfection stamp just like life. Everybody needs to renew their beliefs and standards.

#7. Look For References

Life is full of experiences so you can seek references from your own life itself as to what is right and wrong and meaningful and meaningless. People need to set some borders so that they know their limitations and do not go out of their daily life. Once can go crazy with an unending series of thoughts and collection of experiences which sometimes can lead to bizarre philosophies, so one ought to understand the reasons for things they are doing.

#8. Be Practical

People have to be practical when it comes to developing any philosophy. Wriggling away the logical and sticking with the illogical has no meaning whatsoever. Do not run after pointless things just for the sake of having some philosophy and life’s doctrines. This is totally absurd and out with the line of life and the school of thought one must have.
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