A common man's role to eradicate corruption from the country

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A common man's role to eradicate corruption from the country

Corruption is one of the major hindrances in the development of any country.

Corruption increases poverty, degrades the quality of works, leads to hatred and makes the economy weak. Before an election, every political party claims to eradicate this scourge from the country but no one is successful to completely remove corruption from the society so far.

In a democratic country like India where exists multiple political parties, it is quite tough to root out corruption. It is because the politically ambitious people nurture this dishonest practice for their own benefit.

Yes, it is tough but not impossible to make the country corruption free. However, it is not an individual's task. To execute this herculean task it is necessary that all the people must get united. No one should endorse any illegal work.

There is no need to wait for Anna Hazare or the Lok Pal Bill to eradicate the evil of corruption. 'Common man' the term sounds simple but in reality, a common man has lots of power. He or she just needs to implement it.

What a common man can do to stand against corruption:

(i) Discourage bribe- Giving bribe is as bad as taking a bribe. Do not bribe anyone to get your work done. If you notice someone is following this practice expose it.

(ii) Pay all the taxes- Whenever you are buying any product ask for the bill. If you do not take the bill then the seller will get a chance to avoid tax which is a loss of the government revenue.

(iii) Declare your earning and assets- Declare your total income and assets to the government. Pay the required tax as necessary.

(iv) Optimize RTI tool- Make maximum use of Right To Information (RTI) tool to expose corruption.

(v) Stop seeking favors- Stop seeking favor from any political or influential person. Try to fulfill your aspirations as per your capability.

(vi) Adequate knowledge- Until and unless a person is aware of its rights and responsibilities, it is not possible to fight against corruption. Thus it is important to have proper knowledge about your rights and duties and also spread the knowledge among others. Make use of the social media to share your knowledge as well as to express your grievances against any illegal activity.

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