Has corruption affected your life?

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Has corruption affected your life?

Corruption has its effect on each and every level of Society. Nowadays corruption is a major issue for economy. Corruption through Politician in Common Wealth Game, 2G spectrum scam, mining scandal Karnataka, cash against vote are some common and latest issues. India has higher, middle and lower income group of people thus money is main factor to create corruption. When all people are on same level of income then corruption can be eradicated. According to 2015 reports, the number one position in the list of most corrupted countries Denmark and Finland hold the first position whereas India is at 76th position.

Government should be taking strict action against corruption. What’s your opinion on what steps should be taken to stop corruption?

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Corruption has been affecting us in multiple ways since the time it registered itself in our minds. Here’s what corruption has brought with us:
1. Lack of quality in services:
In a system full of corruption we lack quality of service. To demand quality one needs to pay for it. In areas like municipality, electricity, distribution of relief funds etc. because of corruption, these departments are just making money and not serving to its citizen. Due to corruption in the field of education as well, the candidate even after completing their education cannot provide for quality health services for their families. He may even become a medical practitioner; he may not be able to earn enough.
2.Lack of proper justice:
Corruption in judiciary system, leads to improper justice. A crime may be proved due to lack of evidence or even the evidence erased. Due to corruption in the police system, the investigation process goes on for decades. This lets the culprits roam free and even perform more crimes.
3.Chances of Unemployment:
The private education and training institutes are supposed to provide education to the kids but due to corruption, the education system has seen a downfall. There is no sufficient eligible staff in these institutes, instead of 10 faculties a college is run by 5. If there was no corruption there would be chance for more employment.


Corruption has affected everybody in the nation. First important step remove reservations..


No, I think if you are supporting them, you are not with him then it will not affect you.... 

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