What is the best way to fight corruption?

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What is the best way to fight corruption?

Corruption is just a word that stirs up a giant challenge for our society today. It has envisaged into every working system not even leaving the family set up. Corruption has broken the belief system of every set ups as well as individual politically, economically, socio-culturally and religiously. It has now established itself as an inherent quality of every nook and corner of the society. The major question that is driving our society is how do we fight corruption? 

But let's take a set forward and evolved with the ever evolving society of ours and ask, ‘Can we ever do away with corruption?’ What do you think?

In every culture throughout history, mankind has searched for the solution of life’s problem. Greed, power-craving, self-exaltation and self-gratification, rising of the high standard of living, covetousness, love of money and materialism are some of the life’s problem that has contributed massively to corruption. Fostering a corruption free zone seems impossible looking at the rate of its growth as well as its transparency. But it doesn’t mean we just become complacent and live comfortably with it. The human conscience wouldn’t permit every mind to do away with it. So how do we fight corruption? 

The initiator would be to recognize in every aspect that corruption itself is a major problem and needs to be checked. Self-confrontation is the key. Shouldn’t we be building up oneself first? It’s counter-productive to a fulfilling life which will be the basis of in-depth discipline because corruption starts from individuals. Self -confrontation serves two purposes. It will enhance an individual to approach circumstances, relationships, and situations. It will also help an individual to face and deal with it from their respective religion-ethical beliefs and principles. This self-confrontation will further lead to the second initiation of praxis-orientation in the society or group that will find its way in further to every set-up of the society.

Accountability and transparency of every individual, as well as the working system of every sector, need to be mandatory to fight corruption. The politico-economic dealings must be adopted and outsourced for equal beneficiaries for people from every walk of life. Proper rules and regulations regarding transparency must be made mandatory. The socio-cultural diversity and practices must be directed towards a peaceful, egalitarian coexistence. 

Different religion has different beliefs but the values of self-discipline, self-control and contentment remain the same. These qualities are emphasized to be practiced which can be a great driving force to stop the growth of corruption. Corruption can also be fought by awareness and expressions through art and music that can involve skilled, imaginativeness that is pleasing to the senses and often symbolically significant.

One needs to foster a shared system of social meanings, values, and relations that need to inculcate through every generation. Fostering of establishments of respectful heritage and instilling healthy self-regard can make all things possible. But our society also needs to do away with the other problems of class and caste division, racism, disunity, religious conflicts, secularism and much more along with corruption to counter act the giants of our society.

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