Fight against graft, black money will continue: PM

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Fight against graft, black money will continue: PM

People should take the fight against black money and corruption to the next level. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged the people of India to take a step in this direction. He said during is “Maan ki Baat” that people should take up digital transactions in a big way as this will definitely reduce corruption and will help India boost up its economy.

Narendra Modi urged people in his radio talk that people should pay fees, buy medicines and pay for tickets also through the digital medium. They would then be serving as soldiers in the mission to rid the country of corruption.

The Prime Minister is taking up a number of people-friendly steps and encouraging digital payments is a step in this direction. Modi also referred to Champaran Satyagrah of Mahatma Gandhi and said that time to take up such a movement to rid India of corruption has now come up.

He also motivated people to take up path adopted by Bhagat Singh and wage a war against corruption. The determination as shown by Bhagat Singh is needed today to rid India of corruption and black money.

The cashless transaction is a firm way to make India a world leader and Narendra Modi is leading the country on the path of progress.

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Yes, our country is backward due to this problem...we must support the 'Fight against Corruption'

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