Is Barack Obama planning to become a Teacher?

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Is Barack Obama planning to become a Teacher?

The former President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, has always been in the news for his extraordinary ways of governance and his family life. While he may have left the seat for the new President Donald Trump to run the house, there is a lot of speculation on what role would the former President adorn now that he is not a President anymore. 

Well, according to rumors, he does intend to become a teacher. His recent visit to a school is proof of that. He went into a classroom nonchalantly and asked the kids if he could interrupt them, leaving everyone shocked with their jaws dropped to see the former President grace their classroom. Wouldn't that be an amazing sight to watch? Well, if he really takes up the job, then it might be a dream come true for many!

What do you think about Barack Obama as a Teacher? Please share your views in the comment section below.

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Answers (2)

Barack Obama was an honorable President. His teaching and speech that he made during conferences were highly appreciated all over, sheer brilliance reflected in his dynamic persona and powerful words. He has also written several books which impart the teachings of his father to him. If he plans to choose teaching as a profession, then it will be a great opportunity for the university and the student to learn from the greatest leader and influential person of all time. I sometimes wish I could run over to US and get admission to the college where he is appointed as a professor. 

When you're the former President of the biggest and the strongest country in the world, there are things that you've to do to maintain your image. Mr. Obama, the ex-President of USA might be planning to become a teacher, I'm unsure of his plans as he never spoke to me about it :p. If he's not planning to do so, this might be a part of his PR activity to maintain the good image among the US citizens. 

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