PM Modi In Germany: Can PM Narendra Modi's 4-Nation Visit Benefit India?

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PM Modi In Germany: Can PM Narendra Modi's 4-Nation Visit Benefit India?

After the Modi government completed 3 successful years and celebrated extensively for the same, PM Narendra Modi left for his 4-nation visit to Germany, Spain, Russia and France. This European-Russian tour started off with Modi first visiting Berlin, the German capital. 

Modi’s visit to Germany can prove crucial in many ways. For a brief background, India and Germany have been strategic partners for more than a decade now. Before Modi visited Germany, there was a lot of speculation as to what all would be discussed with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Among these highly speculated topics, some were from Modi’s vision of India including, Digital India, Make in India, Skill Development and strategies propelling small and medium-sized businesses.

Germany is also the largest trading partner of India in the European Union (EU) along with being one of the leading foreign direct investors in the country. With talks of a free trade agreement between India and the EU in the future, a lot depends on this particular visit, as India can be a huge beneficiary if talks materialize further.

What Implications Does This Visit To The German Capital Bear?

After holding talks on a wide spectrum of issues with Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, PM Narendra Modi emphasized on outcome-oriented momentum in Indo-German ties and a quantum jump in the economic relations between the two countries.

The two sides have also signed a joint declaration of intent on 8 issues like development initiatives, cyber politics and sustainable urban development among others. Speaking to the press, Modi also highlighted the fact that the pace of relations between the countries is in a good shape and Germany will always find India as a powerful and capable partner in times of need.

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Can India Really Benefit From This Visit?

One thing that stands clear is the fact that Germany has always been a powerful nation and a stronger alliance with this European nation would not hurt. The good part about this is the fact that both India and Germany share similar views on the South China Sea Dispute.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has also strongly condemned Donald Trump’s stance on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). She believes in the fact that Europe needs to be more self-reliant in terms of defense. It is, however, not hard to understand that she is against the heavy dependence on the US by the European countries and that they should have other countries to depend upon for defense purposes. This is where India can play a crucial role and strengthen ties further with Germany as it is a country that is capable enough with its nuclear and military power to support the host nation in times of need.

Adding to all that, is also the added incentive of India’s induction into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) in which India expects to get a strong backing from Germany.

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With foreign policy being probably the weakest link of the BJP government, this 4 nation tour can try and create a new momentum for India going forward. After opting out of China’s ambitious One Belt One Road, which many pundits believe to be a great decision by the Modi-led government and after the completion of 70 successful years of Indo-Russia ties recently, a relationship that has been a constant in this changing world according to PM Modi, this 4 nation visit could further give an impetus in strengthening the foreign policy of India.

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