Being Indian, what hurts you more? Why?

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Being Indian, what hurts you more? Why?

India is a unique country with vast expanse and diverse culture. As beautiful as the country is, India has its unique set of problems. Among the varied kind of problems which confront India as a nation, the issue of corruption is the most serious one.

The entire administrative system of India has rotten over the years with corruption being evident from lower ranks of administration to the upper administrative wings and ministries. Many senior politicians have been jailed in the past years and are facing serious corruption charges.

What hurts the most is that this menace of corruption has dented the image of India in international arena and has impacted the flow of international fund to the country which in turn impacts investments in development sector.

Getting rid of corruption

A long term strategy is required to deal with this problem. Strict laws and stringent punishment is needed so that the fear of law is evident. One reason for the progress of our neighbor China is that it has very serious laws for corruption and those caught are even hanged to death.

If India is to become a world leader in the true sense, the menace of corruption has to end sooner or later otherwise Indians will have to hang their heads in shame, every time a case of corruption among high ranking civil and political masters comes to public preview.

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