How not to let negativity affect you

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How not to let negativity affect you

Human beings are bound to the situations in which they live. They have to react accordingly, or the question of their survival arises.  It becomes important to understand the situation in which we are placed with other people. 

We always defend our actions and reactions as we think ourselves to be right. But what happens when we judge others? If their words or behavior hurt us, we take them to be our enemies.  And it is here that the problem of mutual arguments or misconceptions starts taking shape.

There is a very simple solution to lead a happy life in the company of others. Always bear in mind that this life is momentary; we cannot even think of what is hidden in the next minute. Think of other people acting in the situations created by life for them. They must be right in their way. You have your moments; They have their share of freedom to expression. You have to guide your behavior to satisfy your instincts of right and wrong. Others will express their views in words or in person. They will react. Let them feel happy with their views. 

Once they express themselves, they will feel relaxed and will not worry you. It is just like a lion which preys and once its hunger is satisfied, it goes for rest. If you are right then what is there to worry. And how much time does life give you to think of others?

You too have choices:

  1. You can react to other people's negative views with still more negativity; anger/argument/quarrel, etc.
  2.  You can ignore them.They may be wrong but they are there with you.
  3.  You can take their word as a guide and check your actions.
  4. You can feel happy that other are aware of your presence, what if they do not keep good judgment.
  5. You can carry on with your life without even thinking of what other do to you.
  6. Think of the happy moments you have shared with them.

Judge yourself and think which is the right path to be followed. But keep in mind that your behavior can also affect others so think twice before acting, because it may be an act against their expectations. Life is to be lived but make it a life full of happiness. 

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