Jashodaben Modi

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Jashodaben Modi

Jashodaben Modi was born on 1952. She is the wife of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Their marriage was arranged when they were children. They were engaged when they were three years old. Jashodaben was approximately 16 years old at the time of marriage. Narendra modi was 18 years old at the age of marriage. The couple got married in 1968 in Vadnagar. Narendra Modi ceased living with Jashodaben shortly and practiced Sanyasa in the Himalayas. He started canteen business with his uncle. Jashodaben might have spent three months of her life with Narendra Modi. He did not officially acknowledge their marriage till 2014.

Jashodaben had her career as teacher in the Banaskantha district. She resumed her education after her marriage. Two years after her marriage she lost her father. She was determined to stand on her own feet. Now, Jashodaben is retired and lives a life of prayer. She remains in Rajosana village now. Her low salary, has made life a hardship for her. She says that she had never been in touch with Modi and no communication with him till now.

In 2014, Modi contested for Vadodara seat in general elections. Modi declared his marriage under the Representation of people Act. The arranged child marriage, was been forced on Modi by the parents. So he soon left, after it was consummated.

Jashodaben, has said that she was not invited to Narendra Modi's swearing- in ceremony. She is still having emotions for Modi and willing to meet him. Like any other Indian woman, she longs for a call from her husband. In November 2014, she prayed for her husband at Mahalakshmi temple and Siddhi Vinayak temple, Mumbai.

Jashodaben, wears a Mangalsutra and Sindoor on her forehead. This shows that she has accepted the marriage. She is not the first woman, to have been abandoned by a politician husband. She is compared to Yashodhara, Gautam Buddhas wife. She is also been compared to Sita, Shakuntala, Radha and Savitri who self sacrificed and is the characteristic of Indian woman. She had vowed to stay bare footed and not eat rice till her husband becomes Prime minister of India.

Jashodaben, does not like to be photographed. She feels that she is not good- looking. She wakes up early in the morning and visits temples. She is mild natured. She never raises voice against anybody.

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