What's a Spirit Animal? How to Find your Spirit Animal?

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What's a Spirit Animal? How to Find your Spirit Animal?

In historical times, spirit animals were associated with Native Americans, Chinese, Greek, Buddhist, Aztec and Egyptians cultures and have lately been resurrected with the modern ideologies. The older cultures believed the animals to be mythically sacred and hence depended on them for their super strong natural instincts. They built temples and performed rituals to pay their respects to these animals.

Are you aware of what your spirit animal is? Do you wish to know more about your spirit animal and what makes it so? Here’s a guide that will help you in discovering your spirit animal.

What Are Spirit Animals?

Having a spirit animal implies having an animal presence inside you that will act as a guide, a mentor, a teacher and a protector in every action that you take.

Animals are well-developed social beings and are therefore not associated with emotions of jealousy, malice or materialism. The first instinct for them to develop any relationship is mutual trust. Having a spirit animal is like developing an internal relationship with someone that holds your best interests.

If a person lets itself bond with his spirit animal, it reflects in every decision that the person makes. Because of the interdependency that one feels while connected with its spirit animal, the decision becomes easier and are usually more accurate.

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Here’s a list of all the Spirit animals along with what they represent.

• Bear (strength, poise)

• Butterfly (personal transformation)

• Cat (individuality, curiosity)

• Coyote (playfulness, compliance)

• Crow (vision, cleverness)

• Deer (virtue, gentleness)

• Dragonfly (change, adaptability)

• Fox (agility, mindfulness)

• Frog (revival, renewal)

• Hawk (concentration, leadership)

• Horse (independence, passion)

• Hummingbird (positivity, liveliness)

• Lion (forte, courage)

• Owl (wisdom, insight)

• Rabbit (profusion, vulnerability)

• Sheep (susceptibility, innocence)

• Snake (healing, transformation)

• Spider (creativity, receptiveness)

• Tiger (determination, aggression)

• Turtle (willpower, persistence)

• Wolf (intelligence, sovereignty)

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How To Discover Your Spirit Animal?

Now that you know the names of each spirit animal and the importance that each one of them holds, it is time that you discover your spirit animal. But how do you know what your spirit animal is and why is it so?

Here are some simple tips following which you’ll be able to figure out all your questions.

#1. Go Outdoors

Get yourself under the open sky and pay attention to everything that you see and experience. Be attentive to any animal intervention while you ponder upon the patterns of the flowing wind. Keep your heart and eyes open towards any unnatural or natural behavior of animals that surround you. It’ll help you connect with them better and eventually identify your spirit animal.

#2. Spend Time Observing Animals.

If you wish to discover your spirit animal, it is greatly important that you become aware of the nature of animals. This can be achieved by keenly observing their activities; be it in physical or symbolic form

#3. Pay Attention To Animal Appearances In Your Life

It is believed that repeated appearances of a specific animal in your life may be a signal - a signal to inform you of your spirit animal. Repetition is considered a strong sign. Their reoccurrence is an indication that your spirit animal is trying to contact you.

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#4. Remember Your Dreams

The human mind is a complex being, which works continuously to process and store information. Your dreams are often referred to as the manifestations of your unconscious energies. Pay attention to the reappearance of a particular animal in your dreams. Spirit animals do connect through dreams. This could be an indication of your spirit animal trying to manifest itself to you.

#5. Unusual Behavior Of Animals

Do you ever feel that a particular animal runs to you and behaves unnaturally whenever you leave your house? This could be a considerable sign that your spirit animal is trying to contact you. Just listen to your instincts.

#6. Which Animal Attracts You The Most

Is there a specific animal that attracts you a lot? Are you drawn towards them out of fear or admiration? This could signal towards an unconscious connection between the two of you.

#7. Try Meditation.

Meditation helps you get closer to your subconscious mind and hence reveals the hidden ideas. Practicing meditation may help you discover your unconscious connections with your spirit animal.

What is your spirit animal? Let us know in the comment section below.

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