Are Exorcisms Real?

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Are Exorcisms Real?

Exorcisms are a fascinating subject, they might be really chilling and terrifying but they create a whole lot of intrigue in us. Whether it was the 1973 movie 'The Exorcist' or the chilling biopic on Emily Rose, it had the audience captivated but it raised an alarming question whether exorcisms are real?

The truth behind this is still a hot topic for debate but there have been a lot of case studies and building proof that prove exorcisms true nature. 

Do Exorcisms Really Occur? 

The Catholic religion is basically founded on the holy words of God and they worship his son Jesus Christ who was sent to guide people to heaven. There is also a canopy of angels who are seen as guides and protectors. Then, there are those angels that rebelled against God and were thrown out of heaven; these are the fallen angels and the main among these adversaries is Satan.  

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When a person’s body is taken possession by demons or Satan then the holy priests carry out an ancient practice of removing the demons from the body of the victim. This is called an exorcism. In reality, yes exorcisms do occur and can be quite chilling as well but they are also a more psychological warfare than what is shown in the movies. So, if you are expecting a person to twist their neck all the way around or walk on all four on the roof of the terrace, then be prepared to be disappointed.

Quite typically, an exorcist which is always a priest is appointed by the Bishop. The main role of the priest is not widely-known but the bishop does call him as and when required. The church believes that people let evil in when their faith in God waivers and they start indulging in things that are sinful and playground of the devil such as ouija boards, tarot cards, and psychics. According to exorcists the most powerful weapon that can be wielded against a demonic possession is faith in the powers of God. 

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Are Exorcisms Real?

Not so long back, the news of an exorcism being performed on Mother Teresa surfaced and left people surprised. The saint who was hailed as an angel incarnation underwent an exorcism before her death in the year 1997. This news was broken to the world by the Archbishop of Calcutta, Henry Sebastian D'Souza. She is the only prominent Catholic figure who had to undergo an exorcism. The church has at least 10 official exorcists around the United States and each of them has been reported to find a bizarre display of behavior by the possessed. These exorcists found that the victim under possession displayed in human behavior ranging from levitation to mysterious scars that looked like spells. Though the church is very cautious about approving for such procedures and goes through a lot of details to establish whether the place actually needs a cleansing.

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Psychology And Supernatural

Sadly, a lot of people often confuse mental health problems with exorcism. A person displaying unusual traits can very easily be confused for demonic possession whereas he might simply be schizophrenic or bipolar. A lot of time people are violent, depressed, or irreligious because it is in their nature and not because of any demons. The influence of evil and possession is real but it is important to understand the difference between satanic possession and being mentally ill.

Do you think exorcisms are real? Is it possible for someone to get possessed by a demon or is is just a case of a mental disorder? Leave us a feedback in the comment box below

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