Vaastu Shastra: Demystifying the myths

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Vaastu Shastra: Demystifying the myths

Vaastu Shastra is an ancient science through which various negative energies can be countered, especially when any new house is constructed. However, various myths have also grown over the years and we need to counter the same.

MostMost auspicious place to enter house is North East

This is a myth and the place of entry has nothing to do with it. Instead, it depends on the energy associated with the name of the person.

Entry from SouthEast is not good

Entry from the SouthEast side is not considered good but there are numerous success stories of people who had an entrance on Southeast side of their premises.

Entrance from South is considered unlucky

This is not true and many people have houses where the entrance is only possible from Southeast side. In fact, home of legendary Bollywood Star Amitabh Bachan has the entrance from the Southern side only. Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai also has its entrance from South region only.

Kitchen should only be in South East side

The logic behind this fact was that the wind will carry away all fumes from the kitchen and they will not spread within the house. However, it was true in older times and is not possible now, given the design of homes. This imbalance can be created by having positive energies in the home. In fact, you can make your kitchen colorful.

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