How are you going to prevent corruption and misconduct in the group that you command?

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How are you going to prevent corruption and misconduct in the group that you command?

Corruption is a disease of the society that has spread drastically to each and every part of the country. People practice corruption either to gain privileges or to make money. Either way, things are done that is not legal. India, in the 21st century, has reported the highest number of corruption cases in the past decade. People from all sectors offer or accept a bribe to get services as per their requirements. 

Considering the ongoing change, India will soon have a democracy where corruption would be a part. No doubt various government officials are equally corrupted and bribed in several departments. What is the reason behind all this mess? Has anyone ever thought of it? Preventing corruption or stating to prevent corruption through ideas is not enough. Finding ways and solving problems that lead to corruption might start a trend. But how to identify corruption in the first place? If identified, what are the steps that need to be taken so that further such misconduct is not going to happen? These questions do point out the evils our society needs to be tackled with. No doubt finding suitable ways to fight and prevent corruption and misconduct is the need of the hour.

I personally have certain ideas which I want to share that can help prevent corruption and misconduct. Focussing on a group that would be led by me, I will share some of my views that can be taken as practical ways to end corruption. Although it depends on how a specific person takes the ideas into, but it surely will have an effect on the mass which genuinely wants to end this era of corruption. So that at least our future generation is clean and free from the evils of corruption in the society.

A group that is under my command must have certain things that are up to date. Namely, the most important thing is a bank account and a pan card. Various places where transactions are made illegally are only because of the absence of an issue of pan card. The money which is given illegally or without any valid reason is barred from tax. Thus pan card is never asked in these cases. But certain government offices have started to make it mandatory for pan card in various transactions. Such as purchasing Gold, nowadays requires pan card as a proof. This will ensure that no outsource income is coming to the account of the person who is buying specific things. 

At the same time a bank account that has all its details submitted to my notice, must be a thing that has to be made mandatory. Since all the transactions involving the account will be monitored regularly, that would lessen the chances of bribery taken by people under me. No doubt, black money is never kept in accounts but still, people get lured by the interest schemes of various banks and at times through periodic deposits, keep the black money in bank accounts, although through various layers. So an account that will be monitored by me will be the first priority.

Second, I will ensure that the people working for me are stress-free and do not undergo financial instabilities in their life. They should be frank enough to discuss problems with me. If any kind of financial problem arises, I would try my best to reduce the burden by helping them in whichever way I can. Since corruption at times arises due to necessity, giving sufficient resources and money at the time to needful persons might have an effect on corruption. Although people at times take bribe just to have various extra amenities, there are cases where people out of need get into this corruption mess. So ensuring all the people under me are stress-free and financially stable would b my second priority. Transparency between workers and employers will decrease corruption to a level.

Third priority will be that of education. If people are aware of the evils of corruption and how it affects the economy of a particular country, they would be equally worried as anyone about corruption. The least corrupt state according to a survey in India is Kerala. Kerala has the highest literacy rate among several states in India. This clearly points out that corruption can be tackled with true knowledge and power. People are at times unaware of the methods to tackle corruption against several government officials. As a result, they keep silence which in turn encourages the officials to continue with corruption. It is due unawareness of law, procedures and rights that make a common man suffer in the corrupted society. Therefore my aim would be to encourage education among the people under me and also employ people who are educated. If someone lacks education because of financial stress, I would encourage him/her and help them to pursue knowledge and education by means which are possible.

Lastly, I would make strict rules under my provision which would create a fear among the persons who are practicing corruption. Strict rules for the people found guilty, like a heavy penalty or term imprisonment is one way that can create fear among the persons who take a bribe. Under my supervision, there would be a heavy penalty if someone is found to take or accept a bribe. At the same time, the reason for taking such a drastic step would be discussed in person and a perfect solution would be made if at all the reasons are viable. This would make my teammates more comfortable in sharing problems and at the same time would have a fear if they break the rules of anticorruption.

Corruption is a major issue that has to be tackled in recent time. Several people thrive over financially unstable population just because they are ignorant. Certain people even think giving bribe is just a process and there is nothing wrong in it. There is a lot of crime around us and criminals are doing their work without fear. A large part of this is only because of corruption. Therefore to make India a place of choice, corruption should be cleaned with severity.

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