The ethical debate surrounding sting operations

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The ethical debate surrounding sting operations

Is it ethical to conduct a sting operation? This question assumes significance in the light of events which have taken place in the recent past. Many politicians have conducted sting operations on opposition party leaders to frame them in false political cases.

Sting operations can however not be considered ethical by any standard since rules of investigative journalism are often compromised in this case. In order to present certain facts in a pre-desired manner, the sting operation is conducted on any given person.

This in itself is not correct as facts come out in a fabricated manner which is most of the time far away from the truth. However, it can be safely said that these sting operations have been able to nail down corrupt officers who expect favors for any act of omission or commission.

It is only due to the fear of sting operations that people have become hesitant in accepting bribes and doing things out of turn. Despite these favorable points, it cannot be considered to be an ethical way of delivering justice.

One should go through the legal ways only as established by the constitution of India. If there are some flaws in our judicial system, these need to be addressed so that justice is ensured. However, taking the course of sting operation is always an unethical practice.

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Opinions (2)
Yes, they help fight corruption
According to me it helps to find corrupt peoples around you. Ok.
No, it is a wrong thing to do
no it is unethical

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