Is Saturday a Business Day?

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Is Saturday a Business Day?

Did you order something online and wondering how does the “2 days to ship” rule work? Do you know what days are business days? If your answer to these questions is no, then you have come to the right place. We’ll tell you when you will you receive your package if the order is placed on Friday or weekends.

Many of you might be wondering “Is Saturday a business day?” or is Saturday a business day for banks? Don’t fret; you’ll get all your answers in this article. Just keep reading.

What Days Are Business Days?

Monday to Friday are considered to be business days in the US and Europe. However, in Middle East business days are from Sunday to Thursday. It is better to clarify beforehand. If you are ordering something online, consider the delivery date by skipping the weekend. This means if you place your order on Friday, you will receive it next week, not on Saturday or Sunday. Postal services also follow this same rule. However, when we talk about Multinationals, some of them might be working on all seven days and their business days are from Monday to Sunday!

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Is Saturday A Business Day?

In the US, Saturday is not considered to be a business day. The business days are from Monday to Friday. The US Postal services are closed on all Saturdays. Companies also follow the five days a week rule here in the US. In Asian countries, most Saturdays are working. People usually work half days and in some special cases, the entire day.

Is Saturday A Business Day For Banks?

In the US, banks are open on Saturdays. It is the bank’s choice whether they want to be open on a Saturday or not. In countries such as India, banks have to follow the rules that are laid down by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). According to the RBI, all banks in India have to remain open on the first and the third Saturdays for the entire day.


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How Does The "2 Days To Ship" Rule Work?

If you place your order on a Friday or on weekends, then according to the 2 days to ship rule, you would get your package by Monday or Tuesday. Chances of receiving your order after Tuesday are rare as companies take their shipping policies very seriously. If they promise you to deliver the order, you will get it in two days if there is no holiday in between.

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