How Many Weeks Are There In A Year?

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How Many Weeks Are There In A Year?

Counting how many weeks are there in a year is not an unusual thing. If you have a birthday coming or are desperately seeking respite from work or are looking forward to a festival, all weeks and days will matter. Not just that, often do we end up wondering how many weeks and days are left in a month especially when salaries have to arrive.

Let's do some math to understand the number of weeks that fall in a year! Since there are 365 days in a year, divided by 7 which is the number of days in a week, the total outcome comes around to be 52.1775 weeks. It implies that an average year has 52 weeks based on the revolution of Planet Earth around the Sun.

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Though every four year the number changes and there occurs an exception to the rule of ‘52 weeks’, that exception is called a leap year which has an extra day added to the month of February. During a leap year, the count of the number of days rises by 1 and becomes 366. But that does not affect the number of weeks in a year. This though divided by 7 equals to 52.2857 which again comes down to 52 weeks but with an extra day.

The correct orbiting time of the Earth around the Sun is not 365 days but 365 days and 5 hours, 48 minutes. However, instead of adding the additional hours and messing up the allotment of days and weeks, the extra few hours are added up every four years to create a leap year.

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The current format of the calendar that is in use is called the Gregorian calendar; before this, the calendar that was in use was called the Julian calendar. But since Julius Caesar’s calendar had a lot of inaccuracies and weeks and days were very different in that calendar, Pope Gregory XIII reformed the calendar and gave it its present day form.

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