Why do some countries refuse to speak English?

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Why do some countries refuse to speak English?

Firstly they give first preference to their mother tongue (local language)

- For example Chinese people they love their language and they don't have the chance to use  English  in daily life like they use  internet, TV, newspaper ,mobile Phone...etc in their  local language . 

- In some countries  people   face some difficulties in learning English language  because  from  school to college they study   in  their local language  and if  people  think in  their mother tongue  means   it is difficult  to speak in English so they refuse  to speaking in English.

- Some people believed that if u spoke butler English (poorly spoken) in front of people, they think that they make fun of them so they refuse speak in English.

- Some countries there "Education system” totally based their local languages not in English. And even teachers in schools teach the subjects in local languages, so people face difficulties in learning and speaking in English.

- Less Employment opportunities in some countries less employment opportunities for English speakers than local language speakers.

- Some people think that y we should we speak English because “our father and grandfather” not follow this language.

- In some country provide special schemes for local language speakers like provide reservation in employment and give scholarship for local language speakers therefore peoples are not making any effort learn and speak English language .

- In some country people believed that English is a foreign language y we have to speak this language.

- Some people think I have no time learn and speak other language except mother tongue language. This are the possible reasons in some countries refuse speaking English

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