What happens when the Doko la Stand off ends?

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What happens when the Doko la Stand off ends?

With Doko La Standoff becoming a major segment dominating the news, India and China are engaged in yet another war to claim rights over the piece of land that rests around the border. 

With China gaining access to the land, Will India lose its power over the region? How will the economy get affected with this rule?

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Indian Army and Chinese People’s Liberation Army had been facing a war-time tension on the border in Dolam, part of Doklam region. India said that the two parts are facing “disengagement understanding”. Later, the spokesperson of China confirmed that the faceoff time had come to a standstill. The stand-off has made the PLA’s extend the border to the southward of Jhamperi Bridge. The hot topic is how the mistrust between the two rising powers pacifies in the 21st century. 

The Doko La Standoff according to recent News reports have ended and both the nations have withdrawn their armies. The tensions have eased and the war seems unlikely.

It is a great news that the two Asian nations have decided to pull their troops back from Doko La. It was unnecessarily increasing tensions between India and China which was not a good thing at all.  

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