What is Hurricane Harvey? How do we protect ourselves from its wrath?

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What is Hurricane Harvey? How do we protect ourselves from its wrath?

With Hurricane Harvey slowly taking over and causing unprecedented and catastrophic flooding in southeastern Texas, hundreds are waiting to get evacuated from the flood-hit areas. While the present scenario is sufficient to know that effects of the Hurricane, do you know what kind of Hurricane it is?

Defined as a tropical storm, it is believed to be one of the first strong hurricanes to hit the Texas Gulf Coast and cause widespread devastation. How should people who are stranded in the storm, save themselves from the wrath of nature? Do you know of ways to survive this deadly storm?

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Answers (3)

Hurricane Harvey is a tropical cyclone which means it is a low pressure centre that evokes heavy rainfall. As this has hit Texas, it is causing a catastrophic flooding in that region. It is the first after 2005, in the US. It has caused 19 confirmed deaths. It is the most devastating disaster to happen in Texas. It is expected to take years to recover.

Hurricane is a terrible situation and people generally lose their wit in the face of danger. The first and foremost precaution is to stay inside except if you live in a mobile home, then evacuate it and move into a shelter. In case of evacuation, do so immediately. 

It is the latest hurricane to have hit the southern state of Texas. It has been on a rout and has claimed many lives. The best recourse would be not to roam around outside and be in the confines of your home. If that is not possible, just be at some place that the hurricane can't destroy.

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