What's a Feedback Loop? And, Why Is Employee Feedback Loop Important?

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What's a Feedback Loop? And, Why Is Employee Feedback Loop Important?

What is the purpose of running a company if your employees aren’t satisfied? The energy, the efforts, and the amount of time that you spend on building this organization will all go in vain if your employees are dissatisfied. You can save all of it by encouraging an Employee Feedback Loop in your organization.

A Feedback Loop is a path in which the output of a trail, system, or device returns to the input. These are mostly used in organizations to let the employers know what their employees think of the company and the working style. 

An employee feedback loop helps the employees to give their opinions, views and even advice for the betterment of the enterprise. Know more here:


Perks are great. They are a reward for your loyal services to the company. But, does an employee only need a hike to stay happy? A hike may satisfy your pocket but not your soul. An employee needs to have a one-on –one conversation or a healthy interaction with the manager, regularly. By letting your employees participate in the functioning of the organization, the manager creates a friendly environment which keeps the staff happy. Statistics are proof enough that a positive feedback loop is crucial for the growth of any business.

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One person can never identify all the issues that an organization suffers from. Feedback loops help the managers to understand the needs of their employees and make desirable amends. Annual reviews by managers may not be as useful as regular feedbacks from the entire staff. When the organization responds to these feedbacks, the employees’ feel heard. They understand their importance in the company and therefore try to participate in improving the functionality of their organization.

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Many companies offer equity to their employees. Feedback loops are also a form of ownership, albeit cashless and virtual. By being a part of the feedback loop, the employee finds himself directly involved in the functioning of the company. A feedback loop lets you transcend the managerial hierarchy and connect with the senior authorities directly. It gives individuals a sense of ownership in the company because their actions certainly impact the success of the organization.

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Feedback loops encourage and empower the company, its people, and the team to be agile. These loops help the organization to see the problems even before they occur. If the feedbacks get a regular response, the employees feel supported and motivated.

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Having a one-to-one conversation with each of the employee in a huge organization is not a feasible option. Employee Feedback Loops come to your rescue in such situations. Once the loop is created, communication takes place. Employees can communicate the issues that they face on a regular basis and can also suggest solutions for the same.

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Having said that, a feedback loop is of no use until it is heard. The more problems an organization piles up due to lack of communication, the more it increases the risk of losing its key employees.

Do you have Employee Feedback Loops in your organization? Let us know in the comment section below.

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