Donald Trump's Journey so far

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Donald Trump's Journey so far

The election campaign of Donald Trump was full of controversies. His controversial speeches and statements made a lot of enemies in America but he managed to win the presidential election based on Electoral College votes. Now, Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America.

What about Trump’s journey so far?
It can be said that Donald Trump’s presidency looks pretty similar to his election campaign. Within a short period of one month, he has created a lot of controversies. Trump is facing a lot of problems while trying to implement his election promises and he has been dealing with a lot of administrative crisis as well.

Protest against Trump’s stance on abortion
Soon after Trump taking oath as the President of United States of America, around 5 million people took to the street for protesting against his perceived misogynistic stance on abortion.

Security adviser issues
One thing about Donald Trump is that he has always been a complex individual. Immediately after assuming charge, Michael Flynn, the national security adviser had to resign due to some allegations involving Russia. Trump was planning to appoint retired Navy Vice Adm. Robert Harward but Harward turned down the offer and finally, the President appointed Army Lt. General H.R. McMaster as security adviser.

Order for immediate construction of the border wall with Mexico
Trump clearly stated that he would build a multi-billion dollar wall between Mexico and US during the election campaigns. Within a week of taking charge, he told that the construction process would begin immediately and the President even asked Mexico to pay for it. The relation between two countries got strained and the Mexican President even cancelled a meeting with Trump.

Controversial immigration order
The most controversial thing during one moth of Donald Trump was his move to block travel and refugees from 7 Muslim countries. He signed an executive order that banned Syrian refugees for an unspecified period of time and forced a 90-day suspension for people from seven Muslim countries. The courts suspended this decision and now, he is planning to issue another order instead of defending the existing one in the court.

Trump’s journey so far has been full of controversies and the way he reacted to the responses of his critics clearly suggests the controversies are far from over.

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