Your Power-Packed Dose Of Motivation From 11 Powerful Global Figures

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Your Power-Packed Dose Of Motivation From 11 Powerful Global Figures

Finding motivation in today’s dreary world is a tough task but unfortunately, you cannot move mountains without finding true inspiration. So, the best place to seek true motivation according to us would be from men and women who are deemed the most influential people of our time.

Here are some words from the great and powerful people that can help you through life:

#1. Barack Obama

After all, he is the man who propagated Be The Change and Yes We Can all through his campaign when he was running for the post of President of USA. The man who went on becoming the first black president of USA walked the talk by bringing in change that others had not foreseen.

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#2. Narendra Modi

The Prime Minister of India who re-shaped Gujarat during his reign as the Chief Minister there; implemented various schemes for the development of the country. He is well-known for his rock-solid determination and despite the obstacles, he met along the road he never succumbed in the face of difficulty.

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#3. Donald Trump

Say what you will but the man has achieved a lot and despite the numerous flakes he has received, he is rock steady and unwavering from his vision. After all, no one can make billions, raise an empire and go on becoming the President of USA without thinking big.

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#4. Aung San Sui Kyi

The Burmese revolutionary led a life that in itself serves as an inspiration for everyone. It is only by conquering your own fear can you conquer something else

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#5. Dalai Lama

He is the source of inspiration for countless across the globe and despite the hardships he has faced, he has remained a beacon of light, love, and happiness.

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#6. Theresa May

Being a woman in politics is hard but the Prime Minister of Britain has made herself heard loud and strong and has taught womenfolk and people in general to make the best of their circumstances.

#7. Vladimir Putin

The President of Russia is probably one of the most powerful figures in politics right now. He is well known for standing up to his opponent and never backing down wherever the security of Russia and its people are concerned. His reputation has earned him a huge list of admirers and adversaries but the man remains unruffled by anything. The man never minces his word, ever.

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#8. Angela Markel

She broke through the heavily male-dominated German politics and has never hesitated to take strong steps that benefit the country even if they are not widely popular among other leaders. The judicious Chancellor was claimed by former President of US as his closest international partner. She is an ever inspirational figure for the womanhood and is a living example of 'nothing is impossible'.

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#9. Benjamin Netanyahu

The Prime Minister of Israel is among the most prominent figures in politics and an elected leader of a country that has constantly been involved in discord and war. He knows the importance of putting up a strong front to enemies and the real value of peace which according to him comes from strength and not being a pacifist.

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#10. Justin Trudeau

The Prime Minister of Canada is living proof of how you can be the political head of the country and rule everyone's heart as well. The man has slowly risen to be everyone's favorite politician as he puts his heart and soul into helping his people and for the upliftment of those who had been neglected so far. From making the cabinet gender balanced to greeting Syrian refugees personally, he has done everything to become a source of inspiration for other politicians.

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#11. Pope Francis

The spiritual figure respected all over the world, teaches us the true meaning of compassion which is to be good to everyone without thinking of personal benefits.

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