How to Stay Motivated if you Don't Like your Job?

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How to Stay Motivated if you Don't Like your Job?

At one point in life, we have been there, done that even when we did not exactly love. I am sure many of us are still where we did not aspire to be. However, there could be a plethora of reasons stopping you from resigning and searching for that dream job. It could be family responsibilities, stagnant economy or something else.

Being demotivated at work does not only make you a bad employee, but also a negative personality that no one likes to be around. Here are 10 tips you can follow to stay motivated at work, even when you hate your job.

#1. Find Out Why

 Is it the kind of work you do, the people you work with or something else? First, try to find out what it is that’s keeping you from enjoying your work and then start working on it.

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#2. Focus On The Positive

You may be stuck in a dead-end job, where your boss loathes you, and no one appreciates your work, but there could still be a little ray of light that keeps you going. These could be your co-workers or an opportunity to learn something that could help you in your career. Ignore all the negatives and focus on what’s good.

#3. Change Is The Name Of Life

Small changes can make a big difference, so try to make some changes at your workplace. Often times, boredom can be the cause of unhappiness. In that case, you can start by taking up extra tasks that challenge you. A plus side is that if your boss sees you taking on challenges and performing tasks up and above what you are supposed to, it is likely that you will be rewarded for this extra effort.

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#4. Declutter

Our surroundings have a deep impact on our mood. A positive environment makes us happy and productive, whereas a negative one turns us into a dull, useless individual. If your inbox is flooded or your desk looks like a store room, then start with sorting these two. These could be putting an extra pressure on you.

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#5. Excel At Work

Even if you are not happy, try to put in some extra efforts and be a great worker. It is highly likely that your hard work will attract some recognition from your boss, and add to your motivation.

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#6. Don't Take Work To Home

Work is just one aspect of your life; do not let it take you over entirely. Keep your work life and your private life separate. If you fail to do so, the stress from your work will start affecting your relationships in no time. Maintain a healthy social life, meet your friends on a regular basis and try to enjoy as much as you can.

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#7. Take Up Hobbies

Take up hobbies that let you forget about your work and all the stress associated with it. If you have something to enjoy outside of your work, chances are that you will start enjoying your work too.

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#8. Take A Break

Taking breaks does not mean spending half of the office time in the cafeteria, but escaping the computer screen at regular intervals. Skipping lunches, not interacting with your colleagues will only put more pressure on you. It won’t harm you to go on a vacation with your family or friends every once in a while.

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#9. Work From Home

In a survey conducted in early last year, it was found that people who telecommute or work from home are two times more likely to love their jobs in comparison to the people who work in company offices. Therefore, if your company allows work from home and you are not happy, try telecommuting for a while.

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#10. Pretend And Smile

We smile when we are happy but studies suggest that our facial expressions can also reinforce our emotions. Meaning, when we smile, our brain thinks we are happy and then we actually become happy.

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These are 10 things we believe would help you get motivated at work. If you think there’s something else that can be done, do tell us about it in the comment box.

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