21 World's Famous Introverts Of All Time

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21 World's Famous Introverts Of All Time

We often feel introvert people are the ones that interact less and are quite reserved, especially during social gatherings and formal soiree . Introverts are often perceived to be less confident because of their innate shyness, however,  this is not true. These peopel are confident in their own ways quiet ways and love to contain their feelings inside. 

Refraining to strike the conversation, well, introverts love their solitude way too much and no it's not the inferior complex or lack of communication skills, it is just a personality trait. Some people prefer it that way. They get energized from their inner self unlike the extroverts (who prefer to socialize and network).

Some of the key characteristics of introvert people are deep thinking, reserved, focused, indulge in thought provoking conversations, great listeners and tendency to think a lot before taking a decision.

There is the whole list of celebrities who are a complete introvert in their real life. Have a look:

#1. Albert Einstein

The legendary scientist and thinker, who is known to give birth to remarkable scientific inventions, was a proud introvert. In his own words,  Albert Einstein said, "The monotony and solitude of quiet life stimulate creative thoughts."

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(Image courtesy: DeviantArt)

#2. Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi played a key role in initiating and achieving success from the non-violence moment. His highly commendable work and talismans speak volume of his high-integrity and the prolific leader that he was. 

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(Image Courtesy: Famouse people)

#3. J.K Rowling

The popular writer has accepted it that she is an introvert who loves to read and write. After the succesful hiatus of the much-popular Harry Poetter series doing rounds all over the world, rose her to fame, the introvert writer loves to keep her thoughts and fantasies in her head. 

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(Image Courtesy: Den of Geek)

#4. Bill Gates

According to the world's most gifted man, the introvert people do quite well by thinking of a very tough problem for as long as possible. Amen to his wise words.

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(Image Courtesy: Australian Institute of Business)

#5. Angelina Jolie

The lady who has won hearts of millions all-over confesses to be an introvert with a limited friend circle and her adopted kids, her social life is pretty much sorted. She is very emotional and believed to be quite a thoughtful person. No wonder why we love her movies!

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(Image Courtesy: Mirror)

#6. Barack Obama

The ‘Ex President Obama’ is a game for all the cool stuff that he did during his tenure. He defines his introvert personality trait as quiet confidence.

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(Image Courtesy: National Review)

#7. Mark Zuckerberg

Ironically, his introvert nature truly helped him develop the world's biggest social networking sites of all time. You will be rememebered and cherished with every post ;)

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(Image Courtesy: Facebook.Newsroom)

#8. Zayn Malik

Ex-One Directioner and Gigi Hadid's boyfriend, need we say more about this talented and charming young man who nails his songs making rounds at chartbuster hits. A self-proclaimed introvert and defines himself as ‘quiet, introvert and reserved.'

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(Image Courtesy: US Weekly)

#9. Warren Buffett

And here comes the World's Wealthiest man alive. Meet another introvert who is a successful investor and second richest man in the United States.

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(Image Courtesy: Huffington Post)

#10. Lady Gaga

The most controversial and famous pop icon, Lady Gaga is also an introvert. Lady Gaga feels that she doesn’t fit in the Hollywood culture and needs to push her coy traits to make a move ahead.

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(Image Courtesy: Harper's Bazar)

#11. Marilyn Monroe

The classic icon had once said that as a kid, people used to cat-call her since she was incredibly introvert. We're taking cues of her signature beauty and introvert nature to be the traits for her success. 

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(Image Courtesy: Rebel Circus)

#12. Abraham Lincoln

One of the best leaders of all time, Lincoln proved to be an asset for USA. His philanthropic and exceptional policies escalated the nation to drive growth and become the superpower that it is today. Thanks to this introvert legend.

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(Image Courtesy: Mental Floss)

#13. Beyonce Knowles

Unbelievable right? Beyonce hitting the list comes as a shock, talk about her upright feminist compositions and bold personality that knocks us off each time she hits the stage. She fought her introvert traits by performing as the sources say.

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(Image Courtesy: WorldArtsMe)

#14. Bob Dylan

The Nobel Literature Winner musician has all the accreditations to label as an introvert and why not! Tune into his deep folk music and you'll know what we're saying.

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(Image Courtesy: New York Times)

#15. Steven Spielberg

Imagine one of the best directors in History admitting that he never felt comfortable in the company of anyone apart from his friends. Truly a gifted man who blessed generations with his epic direction and luminary plots.

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(Image Courtesy: The Hollywood reporter)

#16. Tom Hanks

How can we not love this Father of US, Tom Hanks is certainly the man of substance. Two-time Oscar winner,  the legendary Tom Hanks claims to be an introvert and we can't help but wait eagerly for his next flick.

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(Image Courtesy: Hidden Remote)

#17. Johny Depp

We aren't surprised that this talented staggeringly outlandish actor has been delivering quite a number of hits. thanks to his eccentric roles and exceptional acting skills. It is probably his introvert nature that kept him away from the Hollywood gossip and forced him to move to France.

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#18. Emma Watson

The self-proclaimed feminist and strong-headed woman who proved her metal with sheer brilliance in movies like Harry Potter series. Emma calls herself an introvert by heart during one of her newspaper interviews.

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(Image Courtesy: The Independent)

#19. Leonardo DiCaprio

The Cassanova in real and reel life says that he has problems with breaking the ice with people and that he feels better in his own company than being in the crowd. Well, we can't really digest the fact for his infamous flings gives us all the wrong ideas.

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(Image Courtesy: The Hollywood Reporter)

#20. Michael Jordan

A.k.a MJ is a retired basketball player and business man. He is into deep thinking, and his compelling brainstorming nature is the result of his extraordinary sportsman spirit. He admits of being an introvert.

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(Image Courtesy: PlayBuzz)

#21. Julia Roberts

The amazing actress and producer Julia Roberts has many times stated that she enjoys spending time alone or with her friends and closed ones only.

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(Image Courtesy: Mix)

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Depends On The Type Of People
if that's the case, I believe I should start my own business too!!! but I guess it depends from person to person. are there no extroverts who have become successful businessmen?

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