Are Wormholes Real?

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Are Wormholes Real?

A wormhole is said to be a hypothetical connection between two points in space-time. It is similar to the black hole excluding the event horizon i.e. unlike black holes which do not permit exiting of anything that has once entered it; wormholes have free entry and exit. Entering a wormhole takes you to a different place and time, and one can even travel back and forward in time via wormholes.

Some scientists refer to them as shortcuts through the universe, while others prefer calling them the means of traveling through time.

But are wormholes real? Do they exist or is it just a theory? Have you ever heard of wormholes?

The existence of wormholes has always been argued. While some astronomers believe that they are real and are a result of an aboriginal microscopic wormhole that expanded at the beginning of the universe, succeeding the Big Bang. They suggest that astrophysics and theoretical physics haven't proved its existence, but the math just worked out.

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Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen came up with the Wormhole theory to prove their existence. In 1935, both the physicists applied the theory of general relativity to suggest the presence of “bridges” through space- time. These worm holes were initially named the Einstein-Rosen bridges. These bridges connected two different points in space, giving birth to a shortcut which would reduce the travel time and distance.

If wormholes are possible, then they are most likely to have two mouths, connected to a single throat. The mouths are supposedly spheroidal, connected to either a long (straight) stretched throat or the one who keeps winding around, consuming more time because of choosing the longer path. For you to imagine the shape of these wormholes, we would define it as “a two dimensional curved plain.”

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In simple language, these two colossal objects (mouths of wormholes) can bend the space time to the point that they can create a bridge to form a connection between themselves. Another explanation also suggests that this bridge will not limit itself to just two distant places in the same universe but will connect the different worlds to one another.

Hollywood and Popular fiction have been nurturing their obsession with space and time from years now. With recent releases like 'The Martian' and 'Interstellar,' they have been trying to explore the recent discoveries on our galaxy, largely focusing on the enormous ocean of space.

Do you believe that the wormholes in space are real? Let us know in the comment section below.

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