How the universe was created- an overview

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How the universe was created- an overview

There are several controversies about how the universe was created and life came into being.

There are also many theories- both mythological and scientific- about how universe was created. In Hindu Puranic tales, there is a theory that through ‘Aadi Shakti’ many human like beings such as Lord Siva, Brahma, Visnu, Indra took birth. These were later mentioned as supernatural deities who were all powerful. It is said that Brahma ( the Creator) created the universe. Lord Visnu and Lord Siva are also mentioned as Protector and Destroyer of the universe respectedly. Later, there came many scientific theories like ‘Origin of species’ mentioned by Charles Darwin, the eminent scientist.

In my general opinion, earlier there was water everywhere ( H2O) and a great sea origin that was formed due atmospheric pressure and vacuum due to continuous weathering and expansion and contraction of an extremely large form of flesh like substance which was formed due to erosion and lightning combustions of the atmosphere. It was a large jelly like substance continuously expanding and contracting due to positive and negative charges within , which were due to inherent energy of the mass.

Due to continuous lightning in this mass, a time came, when it was burst and through it, several granule like substances exploded through the jelly like mass and these formed the various planets, stars, meteors and satellites that is also explained in the big bang theory of recent times.
Due to the heat of the sun, which was the heart of the jelly like substance, there emitted thermal energy which caused the water to evaporate and form clouds which condensed and then formed rainfall.

Due to weathering, erosion volcanoes and combustion of several chemicals in these granules that had created planets, small micro-organisms were born like bacteria, virus, amoeba, paramecium, hydras, algae, fungi etc . These had electrical life in them. Due to metamorphosis for several years, these organisms contracted and expanded in form and took various shapes i.e. several algae increased in size and copulated and thus large dinosaurs were born who later died after having lived for many years due to food shortage and shortage of amenties of life.

There were many mammals born after prolonged metamorphosis, exposure to heat and cold, weathering conditions and tissue break and repair , like the Neanderthal ape like creature who lived for several years, and with the exposure to hardships and ravages of life, got formed with a straight backbone, reduction of tail and with a healthy, fertile brain.

Actually all this metamorphosis had been due to positive and negative charges of cell protoplasm due to which cells evolved into animal and plant life, subjected to the habitat and surroundings.

The grown-up man initially lived on fruits, roots and flesh of animals. But later he knew the use of stones, bones of dead animals, and wood of trees and thus formed tribes according to the awareness about agriculture, trade as he had developed tools and implements for hunting and agriculture, and with later discoveries of coal, bronze, copper, iron etc. The person who had these most plentiful was taken as the leader of the tribes. Initially there was barter system of trade but later, with the discovery of gold, silver, diamonds, there came the money system.

The existence of God, the almighty , is a debatable issue. It is known that when the prehistoric man saw various surprising phenomena like lightning, rain, volcanoes, fire, due to lack of scientific explanations in his mind, he thought that these recurrences were the doings of some supernatural power that he named as God. Also, there were the richest and most affluent sections of the society, who threatened the lower level that these occurrences were done by God, the all powerful ( like lightning was the wrath of God) and asked the lower sections to give them donations ( or daksina) or the God would vent his anger upon them. The people, during those times, were very superstitious.

The scientific explanations of these occurrences like
1.    Lightning is the flash of electricity due to negative and positive charges of clouds combining.
2.    Volcanoes is due to molten magma in the crust of the earth
3.    Rain is due to evaporation of water vapour from watery bodies like rivers, lakes, which forms clouds in the atmosphere , and later condenses and distills to fall on the earth.
4.    Wind and cyclones , which is due to rising of hot air, with the cool air rushing to take its place.
5.    Soil erosion, due to the force of water in rivers and lakes.
6.    Weathering of rocks, which is due to constant exposure of land to heat, rain and cold climate.
7.    Spread of epidemics and diseases,which is due to infection by harmful bacteria and virus

-(continued) were not known during those days.
With the evolution of Mohenjodaro and Harrappa civilizations, which gave rise to tribes, people had started living in communities and thus, modern states like USA, UK, India etc have evolved from cooperative and community principles.

Thus, mythological tales like Ramayana, Mahabharata are written by poets during those ages as people or ancient civilizations were very religious and had a creative bent of mind. If scientific explanation is sorted, it is my opinion that Rameshwaram bridge is said to have been made by monkeys and apes by throwing stones in water, then how is it that that bridge now has ropes, iron bars and cement fittings in it. This is a question which no rational person can ignore.

Thus, in the end, I only say that life is scientific and there is positive solution to every problem which should be carefully observed and deduced by a rational explanation instead of just surrendering to superstitions.

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Yes, It is a modern and advanced theory

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