What does Pyromanian mean?

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What does Pyromanian mean?

What Does Pyromania Mean?

Pyromania, also identified as a distinct form of arson ( the act of deliberately setting up the fire to property, mostly practiced by criminals) is an impulse control disorder. A person/individual suffering from Pyromania regularly fails to resist its urge to set a fire deliberately, whenever they feel stressed. 

There's a Norwegian drama film released in the year 2016, directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg, titled as "Pyromaniac." The film explains the pyromaniac disorder beautifully, and it was selected to be screened in the contemporary world.  

Sometimes, people confuse pyromaniacs with individuals who use vengeance, as a cover for criminal activities like in movies, or for some other monetary purpose. These people are criminals, not pyromaniacs. There are specific symptoms that differentiate between a pyromaniac from an individual who practices arson to cover up illegal activities.  

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Pyromaniac Symptoms 

As discussed, people suffering from pyromania disorder have an obsession with fire. Thus, it is straightforward to identify pyromaniacs. 

However, below are some listed symptoms to this disorder suggested by psychologists: 

#1. Pyromaniacs, due to their excessive obsession with fire, will be found setting up for more than one time, that too unnecessarily. 

#2. These people face difficulties controlling their behavior and emotions. Also, they experience a tension or an emotional arousal every time they set up a fire.  

#3. Usually, people with a strange obsession, curiosity, or fascination towards the fire can be a pyromaniac, though it's not relevant in every case.  

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#4. Pyromaniacs have desires to be associated with anything that deals with the fire: neighborhood fire watch, local fire stations, and anything else that involves fire.  

#5. Pyromaniacs experience the feeling of pleasure, gratification, or relief by setting up the fire; or after witnessing the aftermath, damage caused by fire. 

How Common Is Pyromania?

According to scientists, Pyromania usually occurs mainly in children and teenagers. However, it is entirely rare. It is yet not known or discovered as for how common it can be. Still, one percent of the population is assumed to be affected by this disorder for a lifetime.  

Do Pyromaniacs Wear Blazers?

The question is too humorous and often used as a one-liner or philosophical joke. There are quite many possibilities and assumptions, but whether they wear blazers or not depends ultimately on the person. Pyromaniacs suffer from the disorder, yet they are normal humans, and they know the consequences of wearing a blazer around the fire. Blazers catch fire quickly, and as far as people are concerned, they know the fact very well. Till now, there’s no valid proof of pyromaniacs, having an obsession with blazers along with fire. So, the answer is still no clear.  

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How To Treat Pyromania? 

The first way to address pyromaniacs is by educating children at an early age on fire safety. And, depending on the age, the other two ways include medication and physiotherapy. For children and adolescents, the best treatment is a cognitive behavioral therapy session. These sessions are conducted to diagnose the situation and the potential reason which may have caused the disorder.  

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Do you know of someone who is a Pyromaniac by nature? Let us know in the Comments' section below! We'd love to hear from you.

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