What are the Pros and Cons of Modern Education System?

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What are the Pros and Cons of Modern Education System?

Education is the backbone of any society. Without proper education, a society cannot progress. Education has been evolving since its inception. The traditional method of education has changed over the years, and now it has transformed into a modern education system.

In this article, we'll be discussing the pros and cons of the modern education system and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the present education system. 

What Is A Modern Education System? 

Before we start weighing the pros and cons of the modern education system, you need to understand what is a modern education system. A modern education system is where students are taught the skills that are required today. These include skills in science and technology, management, and everyday skills. A modern education system uses technology to impart education. It involves written examinations and tests. Students are given marks based on their performance in these exams and tests. Modern education is an evolution of the traditional education system. The American education system is considered to be one of the best education systems. 

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Pros Of The Modern Education System 

#1. Use Of Technology: The modern education system uses technology to impart education. The use of computers, projectors, etc. is encouraged. This is a pro of the modern education system because one has to keep up with the changing times. The modern education system teaches the use of technology, and this has made teaching easier. 

#2. Ease Of Understanding: The concepts in the modern education system have been simplified over the years. The modern education system is easier to understand because of the availability of so many teaching aids. 

#3. Life Skills Are Taught: In the modern education system, students acquire skills that help them in their life. Vocational courses help students to learn skills that are required to carry out a job. This is an advantage of the present education system because it turns out students into professionals. 

#4. Great Teachers: In the modern education system, teachers are well-informed and garner the support of various teaching aids that help in effective communication. 

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Cons Of The Modern Education System 

#1. Spoon Feeding: Our schools and colleges spoon feed the students. Students are not given any freedom to make their choices or make mistakes to further learn from them. Everything is prepared and fed to the students. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of the present education system. 

#2. Examinations: In the modern education system, a student’s knowledge is evaluated through examinations. This is another disadvantage of the modern education system. Exams are not the way to judge someone’s knowledge and skills. They create a divide and an unhealthy competition among students. 

#3. No Education: The modern education system leaves no time to get educated. Information is thrown at students and they have to grasp it. They have to learn it, but not understand it. This is another disadvantage of the present education system. 

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Every coin has two sides. And these were the two sides of the modern education system. In your opinion, which has more weight, the pros or the cons? Let us know. 

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Education can be defined as imparting and acquiring of knowledge through teaching and learning. This is usually at a school or any other similar institution. The primitive process of education involves sharing information about gathering food and providing shelter; making weapons and other tools; learning language; acquiring the values, behavior, and religious rites or practices of a given culture. Education developed from the human struggle for survival and enlightenment. It may be formal or informal. Modern education is all about upgrading the process of education with the use of technology and advanced techniques. But is modern education a boom or a bane for our future generations? Have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of modern education.
Advantages Of Modern Education
Modern education system is supported by a variety of technology, computers, projectors, internet, and many more. Diverse knowledge is being spread among the people via internet. Science has explored every aspect of life and there is so much to learn and more to assimilate. Internet provides appalling knowledge and there is no end to it. With the arrival of modern education system, one can learn everything he wishes to. New inventions and discoveries that have been part of modern education have revealed the unknown world to us .
Disadvantages Of Modern Education
Just because we discussed about the merits of modern education, doesn’t mean that this story doesn’t have another end to it. Our education system has developed into mere schooling now. New trends are being developed which are far more a baloney that boon. Firstly, our education is confined to schools and colleges and the process of education has become a process of spoon feeding. We are being fed with facts and knowledge. Our textbooks cannot teach us as much as life itself because it is the true basis of teaching and learning. Cramming of facts and dates, hi-fi mathematical formulas, theories and doctrines should be taught at higher levels when one has chosen their area of interest. Modern education has spread more ignorance than knowledge. The word “How” is suddenly missing in our world which is the real reason of ignorance.

This topic regarding the advantages of modern education and the disadvantages of modern education system, is one of the most discussed topics and the on that people have endlessly debated on. Keeping in mind the fact that irrespective of what education we are talking about, whether it is the modern education system or it is about the way things were taught earlier. We all need to keep in mind the fact that education is not about tacking facts to the children, it is a lot more than that, it is about teaching them how to life a meaningful life.
This is the reason we are able to chalk out so many disadvantages of the modern education system that is so very focus on creating people who have factual knowledge and do not know how to live an effective life. The modern education is all about how well you are able to score and there is absolutely no focus on what you are learning. If the focus continues to be so, it will be hard to find any advantages of the modern education. We all need to make sure that we take steps to make it possible for us to deal with these disadvantages of the modern education system.

Well, we all know that everything happening in the world has its pros and corns whether you believe it or not.  Judge it yourself. Modern education system no doubt has made our lives easier but at the same time it has made it tough as well. It has definitely eased our learning’s as teachers make concepts for us easier by giving us personal attention and then there are vocational courses which add on value to our brains as they help us to adapt ourselves to real life struggles and provide us with solutions to tackle with them. Also, in modern times, teachers are well informed about stuff happening around and are not confined to limited knowledge which helps in broadening the child brains they teach.  The negative side includes factors like immense spoon feeding. Children want everything on platter these days and hence do not wish to put in any efforts to learn something by themselves which is a disgrace to the society.Then, there is exam system which is  utterly disgusting because many people don’t understand and write rather just learn word by word and write answers as per the questions given. So, we must be careful with modern education system developing everyday.

The pros and cons of modern education are palpable. I am student at the University of California. I find it really fruitful to be able to study with the new technology and that helps me to expand my knowledge horizon with each passing day. On the contrary, I espied on various topics and written my thesis on it. Education is one of the most talked-about topics. In my view, Modern Education System has made the student too lazy to learn. They find everything just on the screens in front of them, and rely on it completely. Whereas, there are times when one must walk off the shelves to search for a better and authentic output.

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