What Are The Best Chrome Extensions For Students?

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What Are The Best Chrome Extensions For Students?

Google has become the go-to place for everyone no matter what be the reason. If you want to research or you want to chat or even want to write school essays, the first thing you do is open Google.

If you are a student, you cannot imagine your life without this browser but were you aware that your hard task of researching for papers or writing notes can be made far easier on Google just by adding a few extensions.

Here are a few essential chrome extensions for students:

#1. Google Dictionary

Reading is fun only if you are an avid reader, in case you are not then it’s a dreary task made all the more difficult by unfamiliar words that seem to crop up a bit too often. This can be avoided by installing Google Dictionary extension on your browser which will help you find the meaning of any word just by clicking on it while reading.

google dictionary

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#2. Strict Workflow

Keeping a healthy mix of studying for a stretch and then taking a much-needed break is often hard, and we end up either over working or squandering our time. Strict Workflow helps you avoid this and shuts off all social media sites for 25 minutes and after that gives you a 5-minute breather.

google chrome extensions

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#3. Memorize

Studying for a quiz or a test is hard and it is near impossible to make mugging up a fun experience. This extension helps you memorize your questions even while you are checking your Facebook wall or watching Youtube videos. The questions will pop up in intervals even when you are surfing the net and won’t stop until you get all the answers correct.

google chrome memorize

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#4. Save to Google Drive

Saving things on a drive makes them easier to access, and even if you have to change systems, then all you have to do is log on to Google for your work. This extension lets you save everything to Google drive easily.

google drive extension

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#5. Wunderlist

It is just like a to-do list with the added perk of being able to share it with your friends. You can use this during the time of a group project where you want each person to do their part of the work.


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#6. LastPass

Memorizing passwords is a headache, and it is hard to keep track of every password that you have. You either write it on a notebook or save it elsewhere to refer to it during login. LastPass makes this task very easy for you by keeping all your password and auto logging to each site that you visit.


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#7. Grammarly

Even the best writers often make mistakes and avoiding them is a near impossible task. Often enough you have to write critical error free papers and emails, and you cannot afford to make mistakes there. This is achievable by installing the Grammarly extension that proofreads everything you write. It will check spellings and grammar of your write up and will highlight the incorrect word or phrase along with telling you the appropriate change.

grammarly chrome extension

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Which of these extension work best for you? Do let us know your opinion using the comment box below.

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Memorize is one of the best extensions for students. They can put up all their questions on this app and put a timer. It will help them to memorize. This app pops up the questions as per the timer and the student can answer the question and recall everything. So now, we can learn anytime, even while surfing through social media. I personally use this app. It helps me stay connected to my subjects even when I am actually not reading about them.

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