5 Best Apps To Enhance Your Writing Skills

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5 Best Apps To Enhance Your Writing Skills

Writing on the paper with a pen is gradually becoming a thing of the past. There is a partial to complete dependence upon the computers and auto corrects for fixing our writing styles. But apart from chucking out spelling errors, people are on a lookout for more in this technological era. 

Each person wants to get better than yesterday, learn about varied subjects today, discover more and become consistent in future.

So for writers, it's essential to contribute more and be able to develop a flair. But of course within the supportive surroundings! The environment plays a huge role but there also are certain techniques that help enhance the style and flow. 

If you happen to indulge in a lot of written communication or if writing is your passion/ job then you might want to consider improving with a little help from online tools. 

Therefore, here are five applications that would assist you in just focusing on the right thing and enhance the abilities further.

#1. Grammarly 

It could be one of the most tried and tested applications available online for writing with supremacy. It is easy, the best online source along with being vital to help improve your vocabulary & writing.

 It's a tool beyond the other ordinary word processors. Correcting and learning go hand in hand! You not only fix mistakes but set over 250 types of errors which even Microsoft Word (the most preferred writing tool) cannot detect. 

It has some standout features to make you a better writer. Spellings, synonyms, sentences, plagiarism, punctuation, vocabulary, proofreading - Grammarly does it all at one place!

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#2. Google Docs

If you are a writer, then you need an expert editor. You'll find several collaboration tools, but none is easier than Google Docs. Share & collaborate with a countless number of people, track changes and observe updates in a real time environment. 

This app allows you to work remotely, with a few people involved and without a dozen of different scattered versions over the cloud storage.

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#3. iaWriter

This tool bypasses all the nuances of formatting your online content and saves a lot of time and efforts down the road. No HTML or manual editing is involved in composing your posts. 

This tool helps you in speeding up your writing skills along with the formatting, editing, and publishing processes. 

iaWriter uses it own markup language called the “markdown.” It initially requires you to pay a little attention and take hold of it. But once you do that, your online writing gets more focused and intensified. 

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#4. Grammar Up

This is an innovative app created with the focus on executives who would want to concentrate on their business-related content. The user can take advantage of the graphs provided to identify his/ her grammatical strengths as well as the weaknesses. 

This ultimately helps them decide whether any particular area needs their focus or not. Accordingly, one can put in efforts regarding improvements. 

Users can also time their working and learn to practice under pressure. There is a real-time error rectification feedback provided to the user for helping him/ her work with ensured efficiency.

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#5. Thesaurus

This isn't an app that perfectly corrects your writing but assists you well in doing so. It's amongst the most vital tools to let any writer concentrate in making their work better. 

The user can efficiently build on his/ her vocabulary. The app/website provides better alternatives, phrases, synonyms, antonyms and also works on translations. 

This could be an ideal tool for helping you better express in written English. You would always want to take help from this tool to sharpen those skills and powerfully lead the writing way! It's your very own comprehensive glossary! 

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