Comprehensive Cloud Monitoring

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Comprehensive Cloud Monitoring

Every infrastructure needs monitoring, even if a part or your entire infrastructure is in the Cloud. These days almost all businesses are using cloud, according to a survey about 93 per cent of enterprises are hosted on the cloud and are utilizing cloud services efficiently. And so many more have already planned to invest more in cloud. It has also been predicted that business owner are expected to spend about 26 per cent on cloud based services by the end of 2018, this beats the overall IT spending.

Cloud based services offer great benefits to all the enterprises such as Flexibility and Scalability. But there is an increased need of monitoring performance with the rise in cloud usage. That’s how cloud monitoring comes in the frame. Can you as an entrepreneur accept delayed response time of a web application, downtime or even data loss? The answer to this is definitely ‘No’. In technical terms monitoring of cloud based resources lets you observe the response time, availability of resources, consumption of resources, you can check performance, and also get to know about any possible issue before it occurs.

What is Cloud Monitoring?

Technically, Cloud Monitoring is a process of managing and handling data hosted on cloud, VM’s and servers, storage devices such as databases, applications, and the entire IT infra enabled by cloud. Comprehensive monitoring is capable of determining and supervising performance of the cloud infrastructure. Other benefits of monitoring are easy analysis of cloud server, web application or other resource that is powered by cloud technology. ESDS’ eNlight Cloud Platform offers you a complete picture of complete cloud infra including all nodes, all the transactions that took place, and all the active users in just one pane of glass. So whether you host an app in the public cloud or in a virtualized DC, eNlight got you covered. Here’s how:

•With eNlight Cloud Platform you can now get complete visibility across all cloud and on-premise tiers.
•It enables you to identify problems with 3rd party services, hypervisor dynamics, disconnected hosts, or no/limited network availability.

Monitor private, public and hybrid cloud environments with eNlight Cloud Platform:

The virtualized environment in both public data centers and private data centers can be monitored by the Platform. Its monitoring tools offer complete transparency in all enterprise level cloud technologies such as VMWare, KVM, Xen, etc. It enables:

•Performance tracking of enterprise application’s virtual components.
•Gain understanding of the resources utilized of the virtualized environment.
•Know how your apps are installed across different cloud instances.

Types of monitoring supported by the platform

•Server Health Monitoring
•VM Performance Monitoring
•Network & Application Monitoring

Let’s understand them one by one.

Server Health Monitoring:

Basically, Server Health Monitoring is a mechanism that observes reaction of a VM/server when load is placed over it. When server health monitoring is combined with uptime monitoring produces useful perspective that can help us avoid downtimes by pre-planning failure capacity, rather than merely being able to react to failure events. Some really common situations that lead to server break down include too much CPU utilization, insufficient RAM availability and excessive Disk IO operations. eNlight enables you to monitor all the above metrics, alerts can be sent when health metrics are exceeded as compared to the thresholds pre-defined. With the software you can now identify server performance and availability issues.

VM Performance Monitoring:

It provides wide range of VM Performance Monitoring parameters which can provide functionalities as well as address all the challenges. It includes Compute, Network and Storage monitoring.


It supports Virtual Machine resource scaling in a hybrid fashion. It means a vCPU of a Virtual Machine is reconfigured between max & min vCPU range when load is increased/ decreased. Tracking changes in Virtual Machine's vCPU count dynamically is important. With eNlight you can visualize all the changes taking place and control them as well with respect to the vCPU.


The software provides you the freedom to manage your storage devices’ R/W speed. Using this data a graph can be plotted based on the total volume of data being read or written. The Cloud also provides a feature that enables you to fetch data of over a period of time


The cloud platform provides certain Network Monitoring paradigms such as Ping, Network, Bandwidth, and network incoming and outgoing traffic monitoring. Network monitoring offers a facility of graph plotting for users requested date and time which helps them understand network data flow.

Network & Application Monitoring:

It has numerous cloud-based methods, these can help you keep you keep track of all the elements of your network right from discovering of topology, event collection followed by reporting, to predictive analysis and monitoring the SLA. Network monitoring enabled by eNlight cloud has much more benefits such as easy deployment, cost saving and scalability as compared to the in-house tools.
The platform is really easy to set-up, use, and customize at an affordable cost. It will help in determining your server’s health and start monitoring it in no time.

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