The power of introverts

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 The power of introverts

An introvert is a person who is more interested in his own thoughts and feelings than in things outside of himself and is often shy and unwilling to speak or join in activities with others. The survey shows that half of the Americans are introverts.

But how to categorize ourselves as to whether we are an introvert or extrovert? It is very easy. Introverts will be to themselves, very reserved, calm and quiet whereas an extrovert is outspoken, cheerful, sociable etc. But that does not mean the introverts never talk. They do talk but only when required. They always think and talk whereas extroverts are extempore. With this attitude of an extrovert, there is always a possibility that they might land in trouble, hurt or insult someone instantly, whereas, introverts go slow and steady and most of the time avoid hurting or insulting someone unknowingly. They would prefer spending their free time listening to music, playing games or watching television, solving puzzles, rather than talking to others. The most talented people are introverts. Some of the excellent introverts are writers, music composers, inventors, painters, etc. Some of the introverted celebrities are Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, J.K. Rowling, Warren Buffet, Mahatma Gandhi, etc.

There are certain qualities that introverts possess which makes them powerful. They are: 

1. They would rather be an expert in one thing than trying their hands on everything. The introverts possess a particular brain pathway that allows them to focus and think so that they could master whatever they are working on. They will be a specialist in one particular line.

2. They have increased brain activity when processing visual information.

3. They are excellent researchers as they are to themselves.

4. They are great listeners. They prefer listening than talking.

5. Since they do not interact much, introverts are all great writers. They communicate better in a written form than orally.

6. Since they do not exert much, they conserve energy whereas extroverts are energy users.

7. They rejuvenate themselves when they are alone and do not prefer having a company when their "bulb" or mood is in the off position.

8. They make excellent leaders when the group members are active on their own as the introverts always listen to them so well.

9. They are very good in meditation. They have great concentration capability.

10. They work independently and do not rely upon or depend on others.

11. They are very good in creative thinking as they spend most of their time alone.

12. They are great thinkers as they spend time alone.

Being an introvert is being silent and silence is always considered as golden. What could be more precious than being calm and quiet? The calmness and clarity of thoughts make an individual's personality glow in public as well as their private life. It is a gift to be an introvert.

A 2006 Japanese study shows that since they are calm and quiet, their blood pressure never rises high. So comparatively they have a lower blood pressure than their extrovert counterparts who at times might lose temper and so have a higher blood pressure.

Some introverts would want to break out their shell and expose their feelings, thoughts etc. But it is not that easy to do that. Sometimes, introversion is confused with fear. They are not fearful but are reserved in nature. In case there is some mental blockage they can consult a medical counselor and talk out things so that the fearfulness can be taken care of which could be a hindrance towards a successful path.

But we cannot categorize everybody as introverts and extroverts. Some people do show both the capabilities. At times, they show introversion and during certain times would behave as an extrovert. They are called ambiverts.

With so many advantages in being an introvert, there is no need to feel bad or feel guilty about introversion or being an introvert.

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