Graduating from university means end of studies?

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Graduating from university means end of studies?

Education is the key to achieving success in life by securing a position for oneself in the society bringing prestige and satisfaction to an individual, which cannot be derived from wealth. Education helps in developing rational thinking and influences decision-making. It is also significant in eradicating existing false superstitions in the society which evidently overpowers the thoughts of individuals. Education lays down the foundation of a wide knowledge base on culture, science and ongoing advancement in various aspects of life, enabling individuals to be more tolerant of each other and to evolve in response to changing situations.

Education in school acts as the stepping stone to venture out and explore various avenues of knowledge. This helps in selecting and narrowing down options for further pursuits and develops a liking towards specific areas of studies guiding them towards the path of their career. A more comprehensive approach towards education is mediated at the university where specifications are defined as per the requirements of an individual and governs the commitment towards pursuing specific goals and objectives in a particular field. A degree at the university level following graduation marks the successful completion of an academic course and adds weight to the profile of an individual to be considered for candidature against various employment opportunities or for pursuing further education. Graduation nowadays is mandatory for meeting the eligibility standards of most institutions serving as a proof of one’s aptitude and capabilities for further engagement.

There are many job opportunities available to individuals at the graduate level across various sectors and domains. However, for those individuals who wish to progress towards pursuing a career in a specific field, necessitates undertaking of more specialized or professional courses to support their candidature. Undertaking further studies in the form of full-time, part-time or distance learning courses, not only helps in personality development but accentuate skills and strengthens the depth of knowledge in the specialized area.

A large number of certifications and degrees could add great value to the profile of an individual reflecting one’s motivation, enthusiasm and sincerity. The desire among individuals to rise to a position in the society which offers power, money, and authority or further advancement in the professional front can be achieved not through experience alone. In situations of intense competition, a better academic profile could offer a competitive advantage to an individual over other contenders. The in-depth knowledge of the core area of a prospective career option is exemplified by additional degrees which define necessary skills and the potential of a candidate to be appointed in a related domain.

Some individuals following university may have to give up on further education, owing to monetary deficits, financial crisis or other circumstantial pressure. However, in such situations, various financial aid programs and scholarships have been introduced so that economic weaknesses are not a factor in inhibiting one’s career advancement. Also, distance-learning and part-time specialized courses have been introduced which eases out the possibility of striking a perfect balance between work and studies. Education not defined by limits helps one evolve and be exposed to various developments in the industrial world in a particular domain and in identifying the line of action for achieving set goals along with a specific career path. This will also align the thought process of an individual allied to the area of specialization which will help one contribute to the success and advancement in this domain and add to the personal achievements of a candidate.

The opportunities of pursuing education following university through international programs act as a platform promoting the exchange of knowledge and ideas across diverse cultures and communities. This guides rational thinking and independent decision-making skills among individuals. It also creates awareness among the individuals to identify the possibilities of further improvement in the existing principles of one’s society and be informed of the further scope of advancement across diverse areas through intellectual and innovative inputs. The widening of the base of knowledge is attributed to a greater scope of education which necessitates further pursuit of knowledge following graduation.

Despite various challenges and circumstantial pressure, it is a strong will which helps individuals to advance their knowledge through educational programs undertaken following graduation. A multitude of opportunities offered for individuals towards easing out the commonly encountered problems which could hinder further education are being undertaken and introduced largely. By undertaking relevant certifications or degree programs in a specialized area of career, will help an individual rise to a position of power, monetary advantage and prestige other than contributing to personality development. The chances of being employed are also accelerated by reflecting on any opportunity of updating one’s profile by acquiring more skills and additional knowledge, to fit into the requirements of advertised positions. The determination and keenness of an individual, to be able to explore against all odds, will have a role to play in defining the objective of an individual to pursue further education following university.

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