How to get an introvert person to confess their feelings

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How to get an introvert person to confess their feelings

An introvert person is not vocal about his feelings. So, if you are interested in an introvert person, you need lots of patience with him/her.


Here are some tips for you if you want the introvert person confess his/her feelings to you -

1. Appear interesting and dress up: You need to drop the right hints to an introvert person. Therefore, appear interesting and dress up when you meet him/her.

2. Do not push it: You should not make things rush with an introvert person. Allow him/her to know you. Do not get pushy. Introvert people need time to open up.

3. Compliment often: Give random compliments. It will make him/her feel better and realize that you like him/her. However, please ensure that your compliments are genuine.

4. Ask questions: An introvert person often does not know how to keep the conversation going. Therefore, you can ask him/her interesting questions that will help you know about him/her. The introvert person will feel you are genuinely interested in knowing him/her.

5. Ask for help: An introvert person will love helping you out. Therefore, ask for help as that will give you an opportunity to bond with him/her.

6. Smile often and flirt: When you are spending time with him/her, smile often. That will make him/her feel you are interested. Flirt gently with your words and body language.

7. Gifts: Most introverts like books, movies and music. You can gift him/her a book or a music CD with a handwritten note. That will make them fall for you and confess their feelings.

These are some simple tips that will get an introvert person confess their feelings to you.

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