How did Steve Jobs die?

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How did Steve Jobs die?

Visionaries and eminent personalities such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and late Steve Jobs  lived up to the fact stating that "Nothing is impossible if  you are clear about your goals and are determined enough to achieve them.” They were college dropouts and yet did not give up. They had a clear vision on mind about what they wanted to acquire and most importantly how to conquer.

Steve Jobs, co-founder, and creator of the world renowned brand Apple died on 5th October 2011 at the age of 56. He was born in San Francisco to a couple who had to put him in the process of adoption at birth. Luckily, he was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1960s. He hardly attended Reed College in the year 1972 before deciding to drop out. Jobs left an unforgettable impression on the United States with his tech savvy gadgets.

Jobs death shook the world because he was different from others leaders of the industry such as Henry Ford and Thomas Edison etc. The reason for his death was pancreatic cancer from which suffered for two decades. It is a type of cancer that is quite fatal. It sounds to be a long time for somebody who had this kind of cancer. We also understand that the treatment had been right on the mark. He always chose natural treatments to cure his cancer.

Pancreatic cancer has two forms, one that is a more harsh form of cancer that attacks on cells and enzymatic tissues and second is what Jobs suffered from. The type of cancer results in hormone producing cells of the pancreas, which has a life expectancy of three to six months. He survived for twenty years with this disease. It seems that he did not have radiation therapies at all.

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Twenty years before Jobs got cancer, he had gone through a liver transplant operation. The question that comes in our minds today is ‘Was Jobs decision to get a liver transplant justified?’ It is hard not to think about it as the conventional oncologists question Job’s decision for the surgery. He was said to have a liver transplant because he had metastasis in it.

Traditional doctors have been quoted as saying that maybe the reason for cancer had been the suppressant drugs after the liver transplant. We all know the immune system has to be extra strong to fight off cancer and not harsh radiations. If it is not strong, then the body loses the ability to fight off cancer, and it attacks every cell, and that’s what probably happened with Mr. Jobs.

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Let us take a moment to realize what helped Jobs in living for twenty years whereas the duration is three- six months? Let us understand first that two main causes of cancer are ‘Toxins and Nutritional deficiencies.' Toxins are defined as having pollutants in your body which needs to be flushed out through good diet, exercise,  cleansing and when by remaining in the body, they cause first signs of cancer. The premier signs include rashes, allergies, boils, depression and more. Nutritional deficiencies mean that your diet lacks important nutrients. Avoid eating pre-packed food and buy whole foods your body can prosper. Organic is always thought to be the best for the body as it includes the least toxicity. You could grow some of the best-liked foods in your garden.

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