What are the Similarities & Differences Between Walt Disney & Steve Jobs?

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What are the Similarities & Differences Between Walt Disney & Steve Jobs?

When you hold an Apple product in your hands, you tend to wonder as to how something can be so simple and yet so sophisticated. When you hold an iDevice, you’re not just holding a piece of fine engineering and technology, but a revolutionary vision.

Similarly, when you watch a Disney movie, you know that it is something that other animators can never match. Disney movies are revolutionary, they’re creative and they try to innovate at every possible step.

In fact, if you look at Steve Jobs and Walt Disney, the creators of Apple and Disney respectively, what you see is not two men who have great ideas, but two men who want to give something beautiful to the world.

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‘Beauty’ is one word with which both Jobs and Disney were obsessed with. For Jobs, the ergonomics, the aesthetics of something as small as a music player mattered to a great extent. In fact, Jobs was all about how his products felt in people’s hands, and how revolutionary they were.

Beauty for Walt Disney was everything. The man who gave us Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck can’t be taught lessons about beauty.

Jobs and Disney had different childhoods. They grew up in different neighborhoods and had extremely contrasting upbringings. As entrepreneurs, they had different ideologies of marketing their products. However, there is where all the dissimilarity between the two legends end.

The list of differences between the visionaries can go on, but what binds them together and brings them on the same pedestal can be summed up in two simple words: quality and innovation.

Walt Disney famously said: "Quality will out". And on the other hand, Jobs famously announced that personal computers didn’t have to endure the mediocrity brought upon by the MS-DOS Illuminati. Both men affected the American psyche in the ways that they approached towards the things that they created.

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If you look at what results their visions have brought upon humankind in general, you can sense that the word ‘Disney’ instantly makes you remember all those legendary characters that we grew up watching, along with the fine theme parks around the world that are driven by extreme quality. Similarly, say the word ‘Apple’ and you’ll be instantly reminded of the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad.

Let’s look at what Disney believed in: quality will out. First, take a trip to some of the finest Disney parks around the world and then, try visiting a Six Flags park. While both of them seem to be fun, you can almost instantly tell that you would want to visit Disneyland again.

Likewise, go to your nearest Walmart and visit their technology section. Try holding a MacBook in one hand and a Windows laptop in the other. You’ll right away know that there is a huge gap between the two products, not only in terms of the engineering, but also the artistry and innovation. Most people have a Windows computer, but they secretly aspire to own an Apple computer.


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That is the thing. There are options, but quality will always out. The vision and the innovation that drives Disney and Apple is unmatched and today, when we’ve lost both the legends, their legacy still continues and is likely to continue for the years to come.

After Jobs was fired from Apple, he decided to invest in Pixar and gave us movies like Ratatouille. It is no coincidence that Disney acquired Pixar right after that. This is a strong message that tells us that the biggest similarity between Jobs and Disney was the vision they shared. Where they envisioned to bring about a revolution and change the world forever.

In conclusion, we’d like to say that Jobs and Disney were true revolutionaries, both driven by creativity and innovation. Both wanted to change the world, and in all honesty, they did.

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